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Article 1  The name of the organization is the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and its abbreviation is WFCMS.

Article 2  WFCMS is an international non-profit academic organization mainly formed voluntarily by the groups and institutions of traditional Chinese medicine (including integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, ethnic medicine) from countries (regions) around the world.

Article 3  The objectives of WFCMS are as follows: first, we seek to promote the exchange and cooperation among Chinese Medicine organizations and institutions as well as the cooperation between Chinese Medicine and other medicines of the world. Second, in order to inherit and develop Chinese medicine, we seek to promote the professional level of medical practitioners of Chinese Medicine by strengthening academic exchanges, information dissemination, and achievement exchanges. Third, we seek to bring Chinese Medicine into health care systems of other countries by accelerating the process of modernization, internationalization and standardization of Chinese Medicine, which makes greater contribution to the health of the mankind. The association abides by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies of the country of registration, and abides by social morals and customs.

Article 4  WFCMS accepts the professional guidance, supervision and management of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Ministry of Civil Affairs.


Article 5  The residence of WFCMS is located in Beijing, China.





Article 6  The business scope of WFCMS includes:

(1) To carry out academic exchanges, improve academic level and lead academic development in the way of holding various academic conferences;
(2) To research, formulate, release and promote international organization standards related to Chinese medicine. Cooperate with relevant international standardization agencies to expand the influence and promotion of standards, standardize Chinese medicine management, carry out certification work, enhance the international status of Chinese medicine, and promote the healthy and orderly development of Chinese medicine in countries (regions) around the world;

(3) To organize member societies to understand the history and current situation of TCM development in various countries (regions), to judge future development trends, to carry out strategic research and plan formulation of the international development of TCM, and to explore the methods and paths for TCM to enter the medical and health care systems of various countries;

(4) To actively develop academic exchange, improve academic levels aiming at disseminating Chinese medicine, and to accelerate Chinese medical treatment, education, research and exchanging in the way of educational and research cooperation;

(5) To actively promote the international application and popularization of technology and products of Chinese medicine, to communicate in the field of policies, regulations and standards, to establish channels and build bridges so as to make more extensively spread and application of Chinese medicine in the world;

(6) To build a network for all-directional and multi-level exchange and cooperation by exploiting modern information technology and network technology to disseminate Chinese Medicine culture, its characteristics and advantages so as to facilitate Chinese Medicine entry into international market of medicines and health care, and make its value and its special mode of treatment, health care and rehabilitation gradually accepted and understood by the international society;

(7) To carry out international Chinese medicine education, examination and training through various forms such as formulating training plans, establishing training mechanisms, talent flow mechanisms, opening training classes, remote education, remote consultations, examinations and evaluations, etc., to develop Chinese medicine talents and improve the quality and academic level of employees;

(8) To carry out exchanges and cooperation with various medicines in the world, learn from each other, absorb the advantages, and improve together;

(9) To safeguard the legitimate rights of member societies and promote the entry of Chinese medicine into the medical and health care systems of various countries;

(10) Approved by relevant government departments to carry out the "International Contribution Award for Traditional Chinese Medicine" appraisal activities to commend and reward groups or individuals that have contributed to the international communication of Chinese medicine;

(11) Other businesses that must be carried out in order to reflect the purpose of WFCMS.




Article 7  WFCMS is composed of society members and individual members of Chinese medicine.

Article 8  To apply for membership in WFCMS, the following conditions must be met:

(1) Support the constitutions of the association;

(2) Have the willingness to join WFCMS;

(3) Having a certain influence in Chinese medicine and related industries;

(4) To apply for group membership, it must be a registered Chinese medicine social organization and medical, educational, or scientific research institution in the country (region) where it is located;

(5) Individual members are traditional Chinese medicine and related professional and technical personnel who are represented by various branches of WFCMS in various countries (regions), disciplines, and fields.

Article 9  The procedures for membership are:

(1) Submit a written application for membership to the secretariat;

(2) Discussed and approved by the board of directors;

(3) Membership certificates will be issued by the council or an agency authorized by the council.


Article 10  Members enjoy the following rights:

(1) The right to vote, to be elected and to vote of WFCMS;

(2) Participate in the activities of WFCMS;

(3) Obtaining the priority right of WFCMS service;

(4) The right to criticize, suggest and supervise the work of WFCMS;

(5) Voluntary membership and free withdrawal.

Article 11  Members perform the following obligations:

(1) Implement the resolutions of WFCMS;

(2) Safeguard the legal rights of WFCMS;

(3) Complete the work assigned by WFCMS;

(4) Pay the membership due as required;

(5) Report the situation to WFCMS and provide relevant materials;

(6) Promote and develop the cause of Chinese medicine.

Article 12  Members who withdraw from the membership shall notify WFCMS in writing and return the membership card.

If a member does not pay the membership due for one year or does not participate in the activities of WFCMS for two years, it shall be deemed to have automatically withdrawn from the membership.


Article 13  If a member commits serious violations of this constitutions of association, it shall be delisted after being approved by the board of directors or the standing board of directors.




Article 14  The highest authority of WFCMS is the member representative assembly. The functions and authorities of the member representative assembly are:

(1) Formulating and revising the articles of association;

(2) Election and removal of directors;

(3) Review the work report and financial report of the council;

(4) Formulating and revising the standard of dues;

(5) Decide on termination matters;

(6) Decide on other major matters.

Article 15  The member representative assembly must be convened only when more than two-thirds of the member representatives are present, and its resolutions must be passed by more than half of the member representatives present before it can take effect.


Article 16  The membership assembly is held every five years. If it is necessary to advance or postpone the change of term due to special circumstances, it must be approved by the council of directors, submitted to the professional supervisory unit for review, and approved by the organization registration management authority. However, the longest postponement of renewal shall not exceed 1 year.

Article 17  The council of directors is the executive body of the member assembly, leading the WFCMS to carry out daily work during the intersessional period, and is responsible to the member congress.

Article 18  The authorities of the council are:

(1) Implement the resolutions of the member representative assembly;

(2) Elect and dismiss the chairman, vice chairman, secretary-general, and standing directors;

(3) Prepare to convene a member representative assembly;

(4) Report work and financial status to the member representative assembly;

(5) Decide on the absorption or delisting of members;

(6) Decide to establish offices, branches, representative offices and entities;

(7) Decide on the appointment of the deputy secretary-general and the main person in charge of each branch;

(8) Lead the work of various agencies of WFCMS;

(9) Formulate internal management system;

(10) Decide on other major issues.

Article 19  The council must have more than two-thirds of the directors present before it can be convened, and its resolutions must be passed by more than two-thirds of the directors present before it can take effect.


Article 20  The council convenes at least once a year; under special circumstances, it can also be convened by means of communication.


Article 21  The WFCMS establishes a standing council. The standing council is elected by the council, and its number does not exceed one-third of the number of directors. During the inter-sessional period of the council, it exercises the functions and authorities of article 18, items 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, and it is responsible to the council.

Article 22  The standing council must have more than two-thirds of the standing directors present before it can be convened, and its resolutions must be passed by more than two-thirds of the standing directors at the meeting to take effect.


Article 23  The standing council shall convene a meeting at least once every six months; in special circumstances, it may also be convened by means of communication.

Article 24  The chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-general of WFCMS must meet the following conditions:

(1) Have greater influences in the field of Chinese medicine;

(2) The maximum age of appointment is not more than 70 years old, and the secretary-general shall be full-time;

(3) Being healthy and able to work normally;

(4) Those who have not received criminal penalties for depriving political rights;

(5) Have full capacity for civil conduct.

Article 25  If the chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary-general of the WFCMS are over the maximum age, they must be approved by the council, reviewed by the professional supervisory unit, and approved by the organization registration management agency before they can hold office.

Article 26  The term of office of the chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary-general of the WFCMS shall be five years, and shall not be re-elected for more than two consecutive terms. If the term of office needs to be extended due to special circumstances, it shall be approved by a vote of more than two-thirds of the member representatives at the member representative assembly, submitted to the professional supervisory unit for review, and approved by the organization registration management agency before taking up the post.

Article 27  The chairman of WFCMS is the legal representative of the association. Due to special circumstances, after being entrusted by the chairman, approved by the council, submitted to the professional supervisory unit for review and approved by the registration management agency, the vice chairman or secretary general may serve as the legal representative. The legal representative signs relevant important documents on behalf of the association. The legal representative of WFCMS does not concurrently serve as the legal representative of other groups.


Article 28  The chairman of WFCMS exercises the following functions and authorities:

(1) Convene and preside over the council and the standing council;

(2) Inspect the implementation of the resolutions of the member representative assembly, the council, and the standing council;

Article 29  The secretary general of WFCMS exercises the following functions and authorities:

(1) Preside over the daily work of the office and organize the implementation of the annual work plan;

(2) Coordinate the work of various branches, representative offices, and entities;.

(3) Nominate the deputy secretary general and the principal persons in charge of various offices, branches, representative offices and entities, and submit them to the council or the standing council for decision;

(4) Decide on the employment of full-time staff in offices, representative offices, and entities;

(5) Dealing with other daily affairs.





Article 30  The sources of funds of WFCMS:

(1) Membership due;

(2) Donation;

(3) Government funding;

(4) Income from activities and services carried out within the approved business scope;

(5) Interest;

(6) Other legal income.


Article 31  WFCMS collects membership dues in accordance with relevant regulations of the country of registration.

Article 32  The funds of WFCMS must be used for the business scope and business development stipulated in the articles of association, and may not be allocated among members.


Article 33  WFCMS establishes a strict financial management system to ensure the legality, truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of accounting information.

Article 34  WFCMS is equipped with professionally qualified accounting personnel. Accounting should not act as cashier. Accountants must conduct accounting and implement accounting supervision. When an accountant is transferred or resigned, he must complete the handover procedures with the receiver.


Article 35  The asset management of WFCMS must implement the financial management system prescribed by the country of registration, and accept the supervision of the member representative assembly and the financial department. Where the source of the assets belongs to the state of registration or social donation or funding, it must accept the supervision of the audit agency and disclose the relevant information to the public in an appropriate manner.

Article 36  The WFCMS must accept the financial audit organized by the registration management agency and the professional supervisory unit before changing the term or changing the legal representative.


Article 37  No unit or individual may embezzle, divide or misappropriate the assets of WFCMS.


Article 38  The salaries, insurance, and welfare benefits of full-time WFCMS staff shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the country of registration on public institutions.





Article 39  Amendments to the WFCMS constitution must be approved by the council and then submitted to the member representative assembly for deliberation.


Article 40  The revised constitution of WFCMS shall take effect after being reviewed and approved by the professional supervisory unit within 15 days after the approval of the member representative assembly, and submitted to the organization registration management authority for approval.




Article 41  If WFCMS fulfills its purpose, dissolves itself, or needs to be cancelled due to division, merger, etc., the council or the standing council shall propose a motion for termination.



Article 42  The termination motion of WFCMS must be approved by the member representative assembly and submitted to the competent business unit for review and approval.


Article 43  Before the termination of WFCMS, it must establish a liquidation organization under the guidance of the competent business unit and relevant agencies to clean up claims and debts and deal with the aftermath. During the liquidation, not to carry out activities other than liquidation.


Article 44  The WFCMS shall terminate after the registration and management organs of associations go through the procedures for cancellation of registration.


Article 45  The remaining property after the termination of WFCMS shall be used for the development of undertakings related to the purposes of WFCMS under the supervision of the professional supervisory unit and the organization registration management agency in accordance with the relevant regulations of the country of registration.





Article 46  The constitution was voted and approved by the member representative assembly on October 21, 2017.


Article 47  The right to interpret this constitution belongs to the council of WFCMS.


Article 48  The constitution shall take effect from the date of approval by the organization registration management authority.