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Evidence-Based Research

The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies is committed to designing and producing clinical evidence and products of Chinese medicine that meet the needs of people all over the world by means of evidence-based medicine, and promoting the international dissemination of evidence and products of Chinese medicine. Work around the project design, evidence production, evidence management and screening, evidence evaluation and evidence release of clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine.
(1)  Screening, evaluation, recommendation and release of clinical evidence of traditional Chinese medicine
a. Evidence screening: To provide valuable clinical research evidence for medical workers around the world, the topic of "Evidence Screening for Clinical Evidence-based Decision-making of Traditional Chinese Medicine" has been launched. At present, the screening, processing and evaluation of clinical research evidence of 13 diseases have been completed, and the book "Clinical Evidence-based Decision-making of Traditional Chinese Medicine" has been compiled. Subsequent evidence compilation will be updated regularly.
b. Product screening: Recommend Chinese medicine products with technical value to the global public, and start the topic of "Investigation on Academic Needs and Internationalization Path of Chinese Medicine Products". This topic is market-oriented, guided by international export, international standards, expert consensus, improvement of instructions and release of evidence, screening Chinese medicine technologies and products supported by excellent evidence, and promoting them internationally. At present, there are 5 varieties of traditional Chinese medicine and 2 techniques of traditional Chinese medicine in the research stage, and the screening of non-drug products is in the design process.
c. Evidence evaluation: Combined with the relevant guiding principles and policy needs of the government, Through standardized procedures, we pay attention to objective evidence, evaluate the scientific/advanced/technical value of evidence, and evaluate the safety/effectiveness/economy/suitability/innovation/product value of products, so as to provide customers with independent, objective and personalized third-party comprehensive evaluation and improve the reliability and validity of clinical research evidence.
d. Evidence release: Publish clinical research project information, research evidence display and clinical problem research through "Chinese Medicine Evidence Network". According to the individual needs of customers, the evaluated clinical research evidence is released through various forms such as society platform and multimedia platform.
(2) Top-level design and auxiliary production of clinical evidence of traditional Chinese medicine
a. Provide top-level design support for technology research and development of enterprises, product lines and products for enterprise managers;
b. Provide project support and expert consultation for Chinese medicine research. For details, please refer to the Regulations of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies on the Establishment and Management of Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Projects in Enterprises;
c. Provide project management and full chain technical services for Chinese medicine research. Has participated in 70 government projects, 12 new drug research and development, and re-evaluated more than 40 projects after listing in ready-for-use traditional Chinese medicine;
d. Screening excellent data management system (EDC) and clinical research management system (CTMS) to provide technical support for data management, data warehouse construction, document management and financial management of scientific research institutes. Provide preferential services for members of the World Zoomlion Group. For details, please refer to the Notes on Providing Preferential Services for Scientific Research Data Management Platform for Members of the WFCMS Group;
e. Based on the existing technology, establish and run the RSS and provide GCP/ICH-GCP training.
Department in charge: Clinical Evidence-based Research Guidance Center
Contact information:
Tel: 010-58650378
E-mail:  tcmevidence@126.com