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Capability Accreditation Program of Ethics Review System for Chinese Medicine Research (CAP)

CAP certification is the first certification project officially approved by China National Certification and Accreditation Administration in the field of ethical management. CAP certification is mainly designed for the ethical review system of institutions that carry out medical research involving people (including traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, comprehensive medical and health institutions, research institutes, universities, etc.), with reference to internationally accepted ethical principles and taking into account the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine research. The certification is based on the overall perspective of "ethical review system", and the audit scope covers four important parts related to the protection of research subjects, namely, the organization of the applicant, the ethics committee, the ethics committee office and researchers, focusing on the investigation of the human research protection system of the whole institution. After passing CAP certification, it indicates that the institution has established a relatively perfect ethical review system and operated effectively. As of December 2021, 57 medical and health institutions in Chinese mainland have passed CAP certification. The CAP certification results have been accepted in the evaluation of the construction of the National Clinical Research Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine in National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the construction project of key traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in the inheritance and innovation project of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, CAP certification has become an important part of the supervision of research ethics industry in China.
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