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Translation Services

it can provide multilingual services such as English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, French and Italian, etc..
a. Undertake conference translation: translation of conference materials at home and abroad, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, accompanying translation, etc.;
b. Translation of academic papers: translation, polishing and revision of SCI papers;
c. Translation of other manuscripts: translation of film and television materials, legal contracts, resumes, drug instructions, medical certificates, certificates, etc.
(2) Language Training
1 National Translation Professional Qualification (Level) Examination;
2. English Proficiency Test on Chinese medicine 
3. Doctor Examination (Medical) English, Postgraduate English, CET-4 and CET-6, etc.
(3) Handling Relevant Documents for Going Abroad
Visa application,  study abroad writing, etc.
(4) Organization and Assistance: for international academic activities on Chinese medicine,  domestic and overseas activities
Department in charge: Translation Center
Contact information:
010-58650357, 010-58650309 
E-mail: wfcmstrans@vip.163.com