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Intellectual Property Services of Traditional Chinese Medicine

(1) Chinese medicine intellectual property services
a. Chinese medicine intellectual property research and policy consulting services;
b. Chinese medicine intellectual property information services and consulting services;
c. Chinese medicine intellectual property training services, to carry out patents, trademarks, trade secrets, geographical indications and Chinese medicine intellectual property comprehensive protection scheme design, scientific and technological achievements transformation and intellectual property operation and other related content training;
d. Assist the Chinese medicine knowledge achievement project to carry out legal protection and achievement transformation.
(2) Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge Protection Services
a. Research on the protection policy and model of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge;
b. International exchange of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge achievements;
c. Display, publicity and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge projects.
(3) Chinese medicine culture into the campus
a. Design and implementation of Chinese medicine theme activities in primary and secondary schools;
(4). Online lectures on Chinese medicine in primary and secondary schools.
Department in charge: Integrated Center for Traditional Knowledge Protection
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