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Standardization Construction

Standards are the "universal language" and an important support for international economic and technological exchanges and competition. Standardization construction of traditional Chinese medicine has always been an important work of the WFCMS.
(1).. Development of Standards of WFCMS
WFCMS standards include international organization standards, branch organization standards and standardization technical reports, all of which are published in both Chinese and English by the International Standards Department. All standards copyright belongs to WFCMS.
(2). Promotion of WFCMS Standards
WFCMS gives full play to the role of bridge and link of international standardization platform, and actively promotes the promotion and application of standards by taking overseas "International Standards Construction and Promotion Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine" as a platform and relying on group members at home and abroad.
(3). Research on Standardization Subject
WFCMS jointly participates in the research of various international standards of Chinese medicine with experts, group members and branches at home and abroad, and undertakes national ministries and commissions, provincial and municipal projects.
(4). Standardization Related Training
Organize senior relevant industry experts at home and abroad to hold training on standardization and clinical guide development, train more outstanding international standardization talents, and improve standard quality.
(5). A Liaison Organization of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISO/TC 249)
WFCMS completes daily management work, collects annual international joint proposals, attends international conferences and training, writes annual work reports, etc.
The International Standardization Platform of WFCMS has always been an open and inclusive platform. We hope to show and introduce the excellent technology and essence of Chinese medicine to the whole world through this platform, so as to bring benefits to the health of all mankind and contribute to the Chinese program for human health.
Department in charge: International Standards Department
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