TuYouyou:"Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!"
【Release time】:Feb,14th,2020    【Source】:Xinhua News Agency

Source: Xinhua News AgencyFeb 11th,2020
By Zhou Ning, Wang Junlu, Wang Shoubao, Li Fang from


    Thanks to medical workers from all over the world, especially those at the frontline of battle COVID-19 in China. Tuyouyou,winner of The Medal of the Republicand Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, and tenure researcher with the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, expressed her appreciation for the frontline medical workers in face of an exclusive interview with reporters from Xinhua News Agency on Feb 11th.


    UNESCO unveiled an award ceremony at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia on Feb 10th, and awarded the "UNESCO Equatorial Guinea-International Life Science Research Award" to acknowledge her achievement in the research field of parasitic diseases. Due to personal reasons, TuYouyou was unable to attend the award in person, and she accepted an exclusive interview with reporters at her home in Beijing.


    "Looking back at history, the battle between humans and communicable diseases has never stopped." TuYouyou pointed out that in the era of globalization, we humankind have common destiny. When the disease is rampant, no one can stayaloof. TuYouyou called uponthat scientific researchers and medical workers worldwide should devote themselves to the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases with an open attitude and a spirit of cooperation.


    Tu said that in order to contain and defeat COVID-19, China is taking massive and powerful scientific prevention and control measures, showing its courage and responsibility to overcome the epidemic. "Let us work together to defeat the virus and build our beautiful home as soon as possible."


    "Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!" Tu said.


Translated by Wu Sufang

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