All Communities in Wuhan Achieved Full Coverage of TCM and Western Medicine
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All Communities in Wuhan Achieved Full Coverage of Traditional Chinese Medicine and WesternMedicine
Source:China News of TCM,  Feb 9th,2020


At present, all 10 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospitals in Wuhan,among which 7 are designated hospitals, have used TCM. At the same time, since Feb 4th, the medical treatment team of Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) Prevention and Control Headquarters also actively promotes TCM decoction and TCM Patent Medicine amongquarantine areas and close contactsof Wuhan’s 7 downtown areas, 8 new urban areas and functional areas.


On the evening of Feb 8th, our reporter made an exclusive interview with the person in charge of the TCM Office of Wuhan Municipal Health Commission to learn more about the TCM intervention in the Wuhan community.


"The medical treatment team of the Wuhan NCP Prevention and Control Headquarters issued the Notice on the use ofTCMfor Prevention and Treatment for Medical Observers on Jan 28th, requiring TCM doctors to useTCM dialectical treatment and TCM patent medicine for home and centralized medical observers. On Feb 2nd, the Notice on Recommending UsingSynthesizedTCM Prescription in the Treatment of NCP was issued, requiring the use of Synthesized TCM prescription for confirmed and suspected patients with mild to moderate NCP in hospitals, while strengthening the connection betweendesignated hospitalsanddistribution companies to ensure the supply of TCM decoction. Then on Feb 4th, the Notice on Further Improving Using TCM for Quarantine Persons in NCP Centralized Quarantine Observation Point and Close Contacts at Home was issued, which has further clearly promoted the use of TCM in community quarantine points and close contacts."The person in charge said.


At present, the community in Wuhan requires two groups of people to take TCM, one is quarantine people and the other is people screened by communities. They have been recommended to take TCM decoction and TCMpatent medicine respectively.“TCM decoctionmeans the Synthesized TCM prescription No.1, 2 and 3. TCMpatent medicine includes Jinhua Qinggan granules, LianhuaQingwen granules, Huoxiangzhengqi soft capsules, Shufengjiedu capsules, and antiviral Oral fluid, etc. "said the person in charge.


At the same time, Hubei Tianji Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction Co., Ltd. and Hubei Jiuzhou Tong Pharmaceutical Group have worked overtime to ensure the city´s drug distribution, which is currently operating well. "As of 18:00 on Feb 9th, there have been 5,337 people in the 7 central urban quarantine points in Wuhan. A total of 15,440 doseshave beenused, which has been dispensed for three days per person.9,997 people screened by communities tookTCM patent medicine. 4,291 people in the quarantine points of the 8 new urban areas and functional areas,took 3674 doses. Considering the actual distribution problem, currently they mainly takeTCM patent medicinewith a total of9,179 doses."The person in charge said.


They will also receive a QR code as well as the medicine. They could scan the QR code to fill in the situation after taking the medicine, so that the staff could summarize the data to get the result of the effect. "Generally speaking, TCM has played a positive role in preventing and improving symptoms of patients with mild to moderate NCP, as well as alleviating patients´ emotions." The person in charge said, at present, TCM decoction and TCM patent medicinehave covered all community quarantine points in Wuhan.Next, we willcontinue promotingTCM inquarantine points and close contacts all over the province.


Translated by Luo Haoxuan, Wan Si, Xu Jing

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