14th World Congress of Chinese Medicine held in Bangkok
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14th World Congress of Chinese Medicine held in Bangkok

On 21st October, 2017, the 14th World Congress of Chinese Medicine and "The Belt and Road” TCM Culture Week was held in Bangkok,Thailand, which was organized by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and TCM Doctor Association Thailand. The theme of the conference was to help the Belt and Road, Public Health Services ,which attracted from Thailand, Italy, The United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hon Kong Chinese, China, Taiwan Chinese, Singapore, Indonesia and other 32 countries and regions more than 1200 experts and scholars attended the meeting. Sang Binsheng,Secretary-general of the WFCMS together with Li Jinlong, forever honorary president of TCM Doctor Association Thailand, hosted the opening ceremony.


Sang Binsheng(Left),Secretary-general of the WFCMS together with Li Jinlong(Right), forever honorary president of TCM Doctor Association Thailand

Mr. Wang Guoqiang, vice director of the NationalHealth and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China and commissioner of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China, who sent a congratulatory letter to the 14th world congress of Chinese Medicine, warmly congratulating the fruitful achievements made by the WFCMS in the past 14 years since its founding, and he expressed the hope that the guests at the meeting would pool their wisdom and gather consensus. With the great opportunity of the Belt and Road development initiative put forward by the Chinese government, we will jointly explore the positive role of traditional Chinese medicine in carrying forward China’s excellent traditional culture and promoting human health. To promote the development of Chinese medicine in a wider, deeper and higher level in the world, and to contribute to the creation of a better future for mankind.

She Jing,chairperson of WFCMS pointed out that at the opening ceremony, she said: it is our sacred mission today in 21st Century, that to insist on mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win spirit of the Silk Road, and constantly promote the academic progress of TCM and strengthen the countries along the Silk Road and regions of the world to carry out the TCM culture exchange, service trade cooperation, the promotion of TCM service and the products into the international market more, for the majority of public health service, which is also an important task of the World Congress of Chinese Medicine. Ms. She Jing, chairperson of WFCMS pointed out that after the fourteen years’ construction achievements of WFCMS. at present in the world from five continents, 67 countries and regions of the 253 group members and more than 150 branches, has been with the WHO established official relations, is the international organization for Standardization Technical Committee of TCM a contact unit (ISO/TC249), UNESCO (UNESCO) certification of the intangible cultural heritage protection agencies.It is playing an increasingly important role in strengthening and promoting the international academic exchanges, cultural transmission and development, speeding up the modernization of TCM, internationalization, standardization, and promoting the entry of TCM into all countries’ health care system.


She Jing, chairperson of WFCMS

Mr. Ma Jianzhong, deputy director of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine of the People’s Republic of China pointed out in his speech: Chinese government attaches great importance to Traditional Chinese Medicine to go globally. President Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed that, in order to promote the TCM go to the world, to promote the overseas development of TCM. Government department took not only the key tasks of the expansion in the field of TCM cooperation in Push to build the central vision and action of The Belt and Road Initiative, but also the relevant departments jointly issued the TCM The Belt and Road Initiative along a road development plan (2016-2020), these provide guideline for us to promote overseas development of TCM, to create the conditions, opportunities. He said the current system. Speeding up the reform of the global governance, international NGOs become active participants in global governance and cooperation, its status and role has become increasingly important. The World Congress of Chinese medicine in different countries And successfully held thirteen sessions, has achieved fruitful results, is the size of the global field of traditional Chinese medicine, in the wide, high level of academic event. He put forward some suggestions: first, to give full play to the role of TCM in health care; second, to carry out exchanges and cooperation between TCM in China; third, developed to promote the international standard of TCM.

Mr. Ma Jianzhong, deputy director of SATCM of PR.China

Mr. Wu Zhiwu, minister, counselor of People’s Republic of China’s ambassador to Kingdom of Thailand Embassy attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the TCM industry from around the world were welcomed. BaicalinSaran Blue,Deputy director of thedepartment of Thai and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health Thailand, pointed out in his speech: the conference will promote the overall development of Thailand health service in TCM.


Wu Zhiwu, minister, counselor of PR. China’s ambassador to Kingdom of Thailand Embassy

Zhu Haidong, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Battie, director of the office of Management Committeeof TCM practitioners,Ministry of Public Health Thailand, LAN Miley Colonel,chief of the Thailand Army Medical department Science and Technology Bureau, Ms. VichayaSoonthornsaratoon, director of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Mr. Li Zhenji,vice chairperson of WFCMS ,XuChunbo, deputy secretary general WFCMS, Lin Danqian,chairperson of the TCM Doctor Association and other leaders and guests attended the meeting Tabernacle.


Zhu Haidong, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation of SATCM of PR.China


Lin Danqian,chairperson of TCM Doctor Association Thailand

During the meeting, delegates held extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions around the theme of the conference to share academic achievements.Professor Wu Yiling, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering China made a speech with the theme of collateral disease research and Translational Medicine; Professor Han Jingyan (China) made a speech with the theme of the scientific connotation of qi deficiency and blood stasis and invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation; Professor Ye Feng (Thailand) made a speech with the theme of the treatment of cancer - wind poison (Professor Wang Lixin; China) made a speech with the theme of massage treatment of urinary sequelae. the general assembly set up a number of venues provide learning exchanges, including rheumatism branch, agilawood venue, acupuncture venue, encephalopathy venue, nephropathy and youth training venue, sports venue, the venue and the umbilicus and the pulse of Jiangsu TCM service trade special promotion. The eleventh TCM tradeservice exhibition was held at the same time. We set up 4 workshops, such as demonstration, maintenance, moxibustion and spine health, providing platform for delegates to exchange clinical experience and promote R & D achievements.

The third round of Chinese medicine and cultural week is the theme of the New Thought Seminar on TCM Overseas Development , which is divided into Nepal special field (Kathmandu) , Cambodia special field (Siem Reap) and Vietnam special field (Ho Chi Ming City) . Representatives of the participants shared the experiences on treatment of AIDS, infectious diseases, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases. Representatives also visited local medical, educational and research institutions, and further understood the basic situation of local medical care and the needs of Chinese medicine applications andcooperation.

During the 14th WCCM, the WFCMS, with the Italian Chinese Medical Association and the National Acupuncture Association, Italy, signed the cooperation agreement on the 15th World Chinese medicine conference, which will be held in Rome, Italy, in 2018.

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