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The 5th International Awarding of TCM was held in Great Hall of the People
Soure  :  WFCMS Secretariat
The 5th International Awarding of TCM was held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing on June 29th, Xingyang Ding and Prof. Allan won the individual awards and the department of international cooperation, the Administration of Standardization of the People’s Republic of China won group award.
Leaders of the Communist Party such as Luli He,former vice chairman of the 10th NPC, Wang Guoqiang, vice-director of NHFPC, commissioner of SATCM and the honorary president of WFCMS, and She Jing, president of SATCM and honorary president of working consolatory committee attended the ceremony. Others attending included Loufeng Zhang, president of , Yu Wenming, vice commissioner of SATCM, Zhenji Li, vice president of WFCMS, Shuting Fang, vice president of WFCMS and president of Chinese Medicine Association. Yong Li, vice director of the bureau of NGO, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Zhiyong Wang, member of the party groups, SATCM and party secretary general of CACMS, Zhiming Liu, vice director of the department of international cooperation etc.
She Jing, chairman of WFCMS, announced the Decision of the 5th International Awarding of TCM. Shuting Fang, vice-chairman of WFCMS introduced the 5th International awarding of TCM and the achievements of the winners, among which prof. Alan Bensoussan and Xiang yangding made speeches. Wang Guoqiang, on behalf of the NHFPC and SATCM, sent his greatest congratulation to the organizations and individuals awarded and expressed his gratitude to leaders, experts and friends at home and abroad, who have been keen on and in support of TCM development.
The 5th International awarding of TCM was launched in Jan.2012.Member societies, medical agencies, universities, enterprises, state-run institutions, NGOS and embassies to China took an active part in recommendation. After some procedures, such as initial reviewreview by the three-experts committeeissue and approval of the result etc., the winners won out, from 8 organizations and 18 individuals from 10 countries, who make great contribution in health care, research, international standardization, legislation, international exchange and cooperation in the field of TCM and so on.