Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine Convened in Lhasa

【Release time】:Sep,27th,2016    【Source】:WFCMS secretariat

The 2nd Academic Conference of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine Convened in Lhasa


The 2nd academic conference of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine and the academic meeting of 100 anniversary of Menzikang’ foundation Convened in Lhasa from August 20th to 22nd, 2016. More than 500 experts and scholars of Tibetan medicine from China, America, Canada, Norway, etc. attended the meeting.


Qin Shukun, assistant secretary-general of WFCMS, Liu Jiang, vice-chairman of the government of Tibetan Autonomous Region, Liu Xuan, vice secretary-general of the government of Tibetan Autonomous Region, Xu Peihai, vice president of the Health and Population Committee of Tibetan Autonomous Region, Zhan Dui, Traditional Chinese Medical Science Master, Janet Gyatso, professor of Harvard University and post chairman of International Association of Tibetan Studies, Baima Yangzhen, Director of Administration Bureau of Traditional Tibetan Medicine of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, Jigmed Phuntsok, the Specialty Committee of Tibetan Medicine of WFCMS, etc. attended the meeting.


Coincided with the 100th Anniversary of the foundation of Menzikang, the meeting aimed at spreading the Tibetan Medicine Internationally, boosting the advantages of Tibetan Medicine in the aspect of diagnosing and caring diseases, extending the influence of Tibetan Medicine at home and abroad and enhancing international communication and cooperation. Through academic communication, it promoted acquaintance, integration and improvement to absorb research achievements from home and abroad, push forward the health development of Tibetan Medicine worldwide and serve better for people.


The meeting included over 250 high-quality articles in Tibetan, Chinese or English language, involving Tibetan Medicine history, basic theory, clinic diagnosis and care, prevention and health protection, scientific research and education, etc.


During the meeting, ten professors from home and abroad delivered speeches and received great welcome and highly complimentary from many attendees. Such as Yixi Yangzong, Executive Vice-President of Traditional Tibetan Hospital, Janet Gyatso, doctor of Harvard University, Wang Dui, famous Tibetan Medicine professor, were respectively in charge of Retrospect and Prospect of Centennial Menzikang, Tibetan Science--on the Margin of Science and Medicine, and On the Therapeutic Methods and Experiences of Tibetan Medicine in Treating AIDS.


The academic communication exchanged in groups at the meeting. More than 40 experts presented papers on different topics, such as Research on the Compound Prescription and Compatibility of Tibetan Medicine in Caring Chronic Atrophic Gastritis, Tibetan Medicine Theory in the Epic of King Gesar, Comparison of Cancer Etiological Mechanism of Tibetan Medicine and Biological Medicine. Meanwhile, the communication and discussion of each group brought the meeting to a climax.


The academic meeting reached several consensuses: first,(......) second, Tibetan Medicine will turn its direction of basing on theoretical research, such as Historical School, into clinical research, mainly diagnosis. Third, the meeting showed the great achievements that Tibetan Medicine have reached worldwide and laid the foundation of spreading Tibetan Medicine internationally.



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