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Review of eye diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine:Modernization and future prospects

Release time: Sept 28,2022 Reading volume: 152 Source: wfcms
This article reviews the basic theories, methods, and clinical applications of eye diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). It introduces cutting-edge methods and applications and explains that the modernization of TCM eye diagnosis includes “equipment-assisted diagnosis” and “artificial intelligencebased diagnosis”. The article also notes that while there are many recent studies of the static attributes of eyes in modern TCM eye diagnosis, modern application research on the dynamic attributes of eyes in TCM diagnosis theory is relatively rare. We propose, therefore, that introducing advanced eye-movement detection technology into TCM clinical diagnosis could help to further modernize TCM eye diagnosis. 

TCM eye diagnosis;Theoretical origin;Clinical application;Dynamic attributes of eyes;Eye-tracking technique;Electro-oculogram;Equipment-assisted diagnosis;Artificial intelligence-based diagnosis