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Recommendation for 2022 International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine—Achievement Award in TCM Standardization

Release time: Jun 14,2022 Reading volume: 395 Source: wfcms
       The International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in April 2005, is an international award in the field of Chinese medicine to award organizations and individuals who have made great contributions for Chinese medicine. The award has achieved far-reaching international influence. World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) is responsible for the whole review and awarding procedure.

       On the basis of the International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine, the International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine- Achievement Award in TCM Standardization firstly launches (hereinafter referred to as Achievement Award in TCM Standardization). There will be 5 standards awarded in 2022 Achievement Award in TCM Standardization. Recommendation relevant matters are as follows:

       The 2022 Achievement Award in TCM Standardization aims to reward the standards that have made great contributions for international communication and popularization of Chinese medicine and have achieved significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

1. Scope
1) The standard proposed to be recommended should be one of the following types, including international standard, national standard, industry standard, local standard, association standard, and company standard (de facto standards).
2) The standard proposed to be recommended should be currently effective and implemented for at least 2 years, that is, the standard should be implemented before May 31, 2020. The international standard is subject to the release date; while the national, industry, local, association, and company standards are subject to the implementation date recorded in the standard cover.

2. Requirements
1) The standard to be recommended shall be a standard with a single document number or a Part of a standard.
2) Other types of standardized documents, including technical specifications (TS), technical reports (TR), publicly available specifications (PAS) or other documents are not included in the scope of recommendation.
3) The industry, local, association and company standards should have records or the self-declaration disclosure procedure completed in accordance with relevant regulations.

3. Recommendation rules
       Recommendation is adopted by Achievement Award in TCM Standardization. Organizations or individuals with recommendation qualification could recommend candidate in accordance with the above “Scope” and “Requirements”.

(1) Organizations with recommendation qualification
① Group member and branch of WFCMS;
② International Bases for Chinese Medicine Standardization Promotion of WFCMS;
③ Chinese medicine-related international standardization organization or academic organization;
④ Chinese medicine-related college and university, provincial-level or higher medical institution, scientific research institution, first-level society, magazine, publishing house, as well as provincial-level or higher administrative department or standardization authority of Chinese medicine in China;
⑤ Chinese embassy and consulate overseas or foreign embassy and consulate in China.

(2) Individuals with recommendation qualification
① Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences or Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering;
② National Master of Chinese Medicine;
③ Chief scientist or research team leader who has undertaken scientific research projects at or above the provincial level in China;
④ Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary General of relevant international organizations, and Director of Research Office or PI from relevant Chinese medicine research institutions outside China.

4. Award review procedure
       After the acceptance of the recommendations, they will be reviewed for twice-- initial review and final review, and the elimination ratio of each review is determined according to the quantity and quality of the recommended standards.

1) Initial review
       After formal examination of the application and recommendation materials, the International Standards Department of WFCMS will organize relevant experts to have an initial review via emails, and submit the review results to the Secretariat for verification. Those projects, meeting the requirements, will enter the next stage.

2) Final review
       At this stage, on-site review is adopted by meeting, and the team of the candidate standard will have a report delivery and question-answer round, scored by the review experts. The overseas team could choose remote video for question-answer part, and the Chinese medicine experts who are fluent in spoken English could be invited to the review.

       The candidate standards will be ranked according to their scores from high to low and the first 5 standards will be selected.

5. Publicity and award decision
       The standards planned to be awarded for their will be announced on the official website of WFCMS (www.wfcms.org). If no objection is put forward during the publicity period, they will be formally awarded after the approval of WFCMS Secretariat.

6. Requirements for recommendation materials
(1) Requirements for recommendation form
① Organizations with recommendation qualification may recommend the standard completed by itself, but individual with the recommendation qualification cannot be from the same organization with the person responsible for the recommended standard, nor can recommend the standard completed by himself/herself.
② Recommendation Organization or individual shall strictly select standards based on the principle of objectiveness and fairness, and provide relevant recommendation information. Besides, the official seal of recommendation organization or name of recommendation individual should be stamped or signed on written materials.
③ Recommendation form should be short and concise. The economic, social and ecological benefits obtained after the implementation of the standard, the positive effect on promoting the healthy and orderly development of Chinese medicine, and the significance to the international promotion and exchange of Chinese medicine should be highlighted.
④ Please be noted that do not recommend a standard to International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine- Achievement Award in Medical Science and Achievement Award in TCM Standardization at the same time. If a candidate standard is recommended for two prizes, we will ask the candidate for his/her opinion and only recommendation for one prize will be accepted finally.

       The recommendation materials should include one copy of the recommendation form and attachments (sealed), bounding in a volume, and be submitted to the International Standards Department of WFCMS. The electronic documents should be submitted to E-Mail: wfcms_isd@163.com.

(2) Application time
Electronic documents online submission CLOSED: July 30th, 2022;
Written materials submission CLOSED: August 6th, 2022 (subject to the date of express delivery). Overdue will not be accepted.

7. Contact
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May 30, 2022