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The 19th World Congress of Chinese Medicine The 1st Round NOTICE

Release time: Jun 13,2022 Reading volume: 720 Source: WFCMS
      World Congress of Chinese Medicine (WCCM), organized by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), is a global academic event in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. It is convened annually and has been successfully organized 18 times in China, France, Canada, Singapore, Macau China, Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand, Italy, Hungary and Hong Kong China respectively.
      The 19th World Congress of Chinese Medicine will be held in São Paulo, Brazil from 26th -27th November, 2022, which will build a broad platform for the development of traditional Chinese medicine in South America. Professors and experts of Chinese Medicine all over the world will assemble together and share their knowledge and information about their theoretical research, clinical experience, scientific achievements, new inventions and creations. In addition, Exhibition of TCM Trade in Service will be displayed along with the congress.
      Important information to note below:
      1.Organizer: World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
       2.Main Hosts: Base de Cooperação Internacional China–Brasil de Produtos da Medicina Chinesa, Cienlabor Indústria e Comercial Ltda e Empresa de Importação e Exportação (Taimin Company)
       3.Jointly-hosts: Zhong-Yi-Yao Association of Chinese Medicine in Brazil, Brazilian College of Chinese Medicine, Long Tao Institute, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Chinese Culture Learning Center of Brazil
      Time: 26th-27thNovember, 2022 (Brazil Time)
      Location: FECAP - Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado - Campus Liberdade - Teatro
Av. Liberdade, nº 532, Bairro Liberdade, São Paulo, SP, CEP 01502-001, BRASIL
5.Topics for papers:
      1)Research on TCM fundamental theories;
      2)TCM clinical practices: innovation and progress of clinical research methods; research on the assessment of clinical efficacy; clinical experiences of senior Master Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine; understanding and promotion of characteristic TCM therapies; research on TCM health preservation and preventive treatment of diseases, etc.
      3)Acupuncture and tuina research:Clinical study on acupuncture and medicine coordination, clinical experience in specific methods of acupuncture; the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in treating regional diseases, etc.
      4)Research on Chinese materia medica: Chinese medical formulas; research on compatibility of medicines; research and application of Chinese materia medica, etc.
      5)Research on the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine: theoretical innovation; newest developments; creative practice and experience
      6)Inheritance and development of the genre of Chinese medicine manipulations.
       7)Research on TCM informatization and international standardization.
       8)The development and regulation of TCM in different countries around the world: TCM education; educational systems and academic research in different countries.
       9)TCM culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection.
       10) Study on the international trade of genuine medicinal materials and endangered and rare animals and plants
        11) Development and research of ethnic medicine;
        12) Theoretical research, practical application, and experience of TCM trade in service.
        13) TCM fights against COVID-19.
      Government officials of related countries; experts, scholars and entrepreneurs who are engaged in Chinese medicine, traditional medicine; integration of Chinese and Western medicine; modern medicine and other related fields; medical treatment, education; scientific research; management, production and trade in the field of TCM around the world; and members of WFCMS in all countries.
7.Congress Schedule:
      1.Academic meeting:Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Keynote Speeches, Special Reports in Parallel Sessions, On-site Display Workshops.
      2.Exhibition of TCM trade in service.
8. Registration (Register for Participants who attend the congress in Brazil)
      please refers to the online platform:            https://basemtc.com.br/event/single
9. Paper Submission:
      Participants from Brazil: please refers to the website: https://basemtc.com.br/event/single
      E-mail submission for the paper is not accepted. Please refers to the paper notice for the requirement for the paper.
      Participants from other countries and regions: please send paper to wccm@vip.163.com
      Please refers to the paper notice for the requirement for the paper.
      Office of World Congress of Chinese Medicine (International Liaison Department of WFCMS):
Sunny Wang, Xinxue Li, Liu Yang, Chen Zhu, Jingwen Wang
      Tel: 0086-010-58650058/58650240/58650243/58650026
      Main Host:
      Base de Cooperação Internacional China –Brasil de Produtos da Medicina Chinesa
      Contact Person:Fang Fang, Rodrigo Lemes, Luan Almeida
      Email: fang@taimin.com.br, comercial@basemtc.com.br ;
      Mobile:005511995309889  Wechat:MTCCHINA88          Tel:00551144502588
Kind Regards
World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
10th June, 2022