Establish and Improve CooperativeMechanism of TCM & Western Medicine to Prevent and Control COVID-19
【Release time】:Feb,14th,2020    【Source】:CCTV News

Source: CCTV Newsb Feb 12th, 2020


    CCTV News on February 12th: our reporter has learned from National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM) today that National Health Commission (NHC) and NATCMhave jointly issued a document, requiring that in the prevention and control of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, the cooperativemechanism of TCM and western Medicine must be established and improved, and the joint consultation system of TCM and western medicine must be reinforced, so as to improve the clinical treatment effect and reliably ensure the safety and health of the public.


    Health administrative departments at all levels should cooperate with TCM authorities to push medical institutions that admit patients to establish and improve the joint consultation system of TCMand western medicine, in which TCM and western medicine synergistically participate and cooperate at all time, so that TCM is able to intervene deeply into the prevention, control and clinical treatment of infectious diseases. For medical institutions for centralized treatment of patients with infectious diseases, both general and specialized hospitals participating in the treatment of infectious diseases, and institutions with TCM department (TCM and Western Medicine Department), a close and normalized consultation system of TCM and western medicine should be set up and the diagnosis and treatment scheme should be formulated.


Translated by Luo Haoxuan, Wan Si, Xu Jing

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