Kong Zhuxi, delivered a speech in The 4th Summer Summit of the World Congress of Chinese Medicine
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Kong Zhuxi, Health Attaché from Embassy of Italy in China, delivered a speech in the opening ceremony of The 4th Summer Summit of the World Congress of Chinese Med



Ladiesand Gentlemen,

DearFriends: Good Morning

It’s a great pleasure to be invited to speech at the 4th Summer Summit of World Congress of Chinese Medicine by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. On behalf of Ministry of Health of Italy and Embassy of Italy I wish to extend my warm congratulations on the successful holding of the Summit and best wishes to the development of traditional Chinese medicine.


As both the most crucial civilizations of the Western and the Eastern World, Italy and China built Friendship along with the Silk Road thousands years ago. The prosperous history and unique geographical location of the two countries establish platform for mutual communication andcooperation.


Italy and China began conversation on traditional Chinese medicine in the 70’s when acupuncture was introduced into Italy.


Nowadays,acupuncture is listed as complementary therapy in medical system among part ofthe country.


A huge number of TCM academic associations are developed locally, including groups of overseas Chinese and also there are several acupuncture education institutionsin Italy, where many students graduate every year and finished their trainingon acupuncture, reflexotherapy and body-mind therapy. In addition, institutions of  higher education alsoprovide courses and master on acupuncture.


One of the most important federations is FISA, which has 11 schools of acupuncture that issue certifications according to Italian law and 12 Associations / schools that carry out training activities in relation tospecific methods in acupuncture: auricle-acupuncture and abdominal-acupuncture, seminars and Masters on specific topics.


FISA has 1835 members and itspresident is at the same time the Vice Chairman of WCFMS.


Also the AIA (Italian Association of Acupuntcure) has about 2000 members.

IIMC was born in 1998, with 170 memberships from Chinese doctors. IIMC translated the Chinese-Italian TCM nomenclature Dictionary.


Italy starts its science and technology cooperation on TCM with China, and the 2 countries officially signed ministerial level agreementsin 2004.


One of these was between Tianjin University of TCM and ISS(Health Superior Institute).


There is also a research project called “China and Europe Taking Care of Healthcare Solutions” (CHETCH) financed by the European Commission focusing on Europe-China partnership in the healthcare sectorespecially on recognition and scientific validation of TCM. The consortium is ledby Prof. Attilio Mucelli from Polytechnic University of Marche Italy, andconsists of 12 experts and professionals from Europe and China.


Ladiesand Gentlemen, and dear friends


The 15th World Congress of Chinese Medicine would be held in Rome, Italy from November 17-18, 2018. During the congress, the CHETCH project would host aspecial session to present their research result on TCM. I believe, this congress would be a golden opportunity for TCM development in Italy, a historic event among global TCM community.


I welcome all of you to attend the congress. Ministry of Health of Italy and Embassy of Italy would support the World Congress and fully back the future TCM collaboration with China.


Inconclusion, I wish the Summer Summit full success.

Thank you!

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