Founding Meeting and the 1st academic meeting of Specialty Committee of Mongolia Medicine
【Release time】:Aug,07th,2017    【Source】:WFCMS secretariat

 Founding Meeting and the 1st academic meeting of Specialty Committee of Mongolia Medicine, convened in Tong Liao, 

a city of inner Mongolia

Group photo of Specialty Committee of Mongolia Medicine

Founding Meeting and the 1st academic meeting of Specialty Committee of Mongolia Medicine was convened in the concert hall of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities in Tong Liao, the capital of Mongolia medicine. The theme of the meeting is utilization of the advantages of Mongolia medicine, integration of Mongolia medicine into belt and road countries and protection of Mongolia medicine

More than 100 people attended the meeting, including Sang Binsheng, secretary-general, Guan Tao, vice director of the Academic Department, Wu Lan, member of the leading party group of Inner Mongolia Health and Family Planning and commissioner of Inner Mongolia Administration of Chinese medicine, FengZhengyu, deputy mayor of Tong Liao, Yang Yongsheng, vice secretary general of the Communist Party Commission (CPC)of Inner Mongolia University for nationalities(IMUN) and president of that university,BaGenna, vice president and member of the CPC of IMUN. The meeting was hosted by Ao Wu Li Ji, president of school of Mongolia Medicine of IMUN ,president of Inner Mongolia Research Institute of Mongolia Medicine, Engineering Technology and vice president of the specialty committee of Mongolia medicine
Sang Binsheng, secretary-general delivers important speech, pointing that the communist Party and the Chinese government attached great importance to ethnic medicine, which was an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Mongolia medicine, made indelible contribution to the well-being of mankind and was listed into nationalintangible culture heritage. Based on the practice, theory and application of Mongolia medicine, it has been formed in medical practice, with complete system and is valuable achievement of mankind.The theory of Mongolia medicine, pharmaceutical and processing techniques are unique, especially the connotation of its rich traditional formula. Therefore, it’s of great importance to collect and protect Mongolia medicine. The mission of the specialty committee is to unite experts in the field throughout the world, to protect and promote the culture of Mongolia medicine and to make greater contribution to the well-being of mankind.

Sang Binsheng, secretary-general, delivers a wonderful speech.

 Guan Tao, vice director of the Academic Department, announces the approval 
of the specialty committee.


Sang Binsheng, secretary-general confers copper medal to Ba Genna, president of the specialty committee

More than 150 members from 9 countries and regions, such as China, U.S., Russia, Mongolia, Austria, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, etc. have registered in the specialty committee. Apart from government officials related, more than 120 attendees from 5 countries, 12 universities and research institute, 8 medical agencies and 6 enterprises of Mongolia medicine, attended the meeting.
President Ba Genna, delivers a wonderful speech.

Prof. Wolf Diet Rausch of University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, president of Eurasia Pacific Unit delivers a speech.

Prof. Eugene Lara of the University of Queensland, delivers a speech.
Prof. Totsuka from the University of Tokyo delivers a speech.

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