The 14th World Congress of Chinese Medicine to Be Held in Thailand
【Release time】:May,26th,2017    【Source】:WFCMS secretariat

The 14th World Congress of Chinese Medicine, organized by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and TCM Doctors Association Thailand will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from Oct.21th to 22th, 2017. Sang Binsheng, secretary-general of WFCMS said that the theme of the Congress is to serve for the well-being of mankind, promoting belt and road policies. It is estimated that thousands of experts, government officials and entrepreneurs from Thailand, China, US, Germany, France, Italy etc. totally near 30 countries and regions will attend the meeting.



Sang Binsheng, said that the Congress played an active role in promoting the academic development of TCM, strengthening the scientific cooperation of TCM, promoting TCM culture, development of TCM industries and TCM legislation throughout the world, etc. It has become an important brand in world traditional medicine and Chinese medicine. Not only did it provide an international platform for global TCM practitioners, but also demonstrated the fascination of TCM to the ten thousand people overseas.

The topics that the attendees discussed are as follows: new development of the basic theories and clinical research of TCM. the protection of Daodi herbs and endangered animals and plants, research and practice of acupuncture and Tuina, the inheritage and development of schools of TCM manipulation, international standard of TCM and the research on informationization. During the Congress, there would be panels of the specialty committees, including the panel of academic research, the meetings for the establishment of the specialty committees and its annual conferences, meetings for the establishment of the work committees, and the press conferences related.
Meanwhile, the 11th exhibition on TCM Trade in Service will be held, workshops such as intangible culture inheritage of traditional Chinese medicine, diagnosis technique of TCM, providing opportunities for the exchange of clinical experience and the promotion of research achievements. Besides that, cooperation contract will be signed between WFCMS and the organizers of the 15th WCCM.


According to Wang Jing, director of the International Department of Liasion, WCCM has been successfully held for 13 years in China, France, Canada, Singpore etc. The click rate of the 8th WCCM(London) were over 13,500,000 throughout the world. WCCM was listed in the field of international conference and association. The 30750 people watched the live TV of 13th WCCM (New zealand, Auckland), which were broadcasted in 53 countries and regions.

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