The 3rd Summer Summit of WCCM and the Exhibition of Enlarged Health
【Release time】:May,23th,2017    【Source】:WFCMS Secretariat

The 3rd Summer Summit of WCCM and the Exhibition of Enlarged Health Will Be Held in Hefei in June


The 3rd Summer Summit of World Congress of Chinese Medicine(WCCM) and the Expo of Comprehensive Health will be held in Hefei,the provincial capital of Anhui Province, from June 10th to 12th,2017. Sang Binsheng, secretary-general of WFCMS said that the summit, launched by WFCMS from 2015, as the high end platform of academics, will be focused on the enlarged health on TCM and contribute to the development of health China. It will promote WCCM in China, letting member societies throughout the world and regions come to China, to know the development of Chinese medicine in China, and to strengthen the cooperation between Chinese Medicine and traditional medicine.

According to the introduction of Sang, the summer summit this year will have several activities of different themes. First, international world-famous experts of TCM, several Nobel Prize Winners, academicians of China Academy of Chinese Science and China Academy of Engineering, Master of Medicine and experts in the field of comprehensive medicine will be invited to introduce the recent development of Comprehensive Health at home and abroad, analyzing its trend and providing advices for international development. Second, there are many panels in the meeting, which are as follows: the relationship between Chinese medicine and comprehensive medicine; the development of TCM education, system medicine and engineering of TCM, pharmacology of TCM by Internet, the promotion and innovation of TCM technology of safety and low cost, the precaution of osteoporotic, the TCM psychology and sleeping Medicine, digital  equipment of diagnosis by Chinese Medicine, embedding research, health preserving and pension by Chinese Medicine etc. Third, the summit will gather TCM experts throughout the world to discuss the future development of TCM. Meanwhile, the 3rd Session of the 9th Council and the 8th Meeting of the Supervisionary Board will be convened. Nearly 100 council members from several countries and regions will attend the meeting, introducing the recent development of TCM all throughout the world, providing advice for the difficulties and charting a course for the development of TCM all over the world. Forth, expo of comprehensive medicine will be held for 2 days, the size of which is 12,000 square meters, with more than 200 booth and 8 featured exhibitions, including starting business of Chinese medicine, scientific industry of TCM, experience zone of acupuncture and Tuina, international exhibition, top ten medicine industries in Anhui province, tourism and health industry of TCM, health preserving industries, investment industries in TCM, etc. experts at home and abroad will have a new look at the recent development of TCM throughout the world.


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