The Eighth Academic Conference of WFCMS Specialty Committee of Translation
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The Eighth Academic Conference of WFCMS Specialty Committee of Translation
First Announcement & call for presentation



To further promote the international dissemination, exchange and development of Chinese medicine and Chinese culture, the General Assembly and the Seventh Annual Academic Conference of WFCMS Specialty Committee of Translation, hosted by Guangzhou Medical University, will be held in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China from Nov.10 to Nov.12, 2017. More details are as follows.


1. Conference Theme:
The international dissemination of Chinese medicine and foreign language teaching in Chinese medicine


2. Conference Date and Venue:
Date:  Nov. 10-Nov.12 (Friday - Sunday), 2017
Venue: Guangzhou Medical University (No. 195, Dongfengxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China) 


3. Conference Schedule:
Nov.10: check-in
Nov.11: academic exchange
Nov.12: check-out


4. Conference Topics:
1. Theoretic study and practical summarization of Chinese medicine and Chinese culture translation
2. International dissemination, exchange and development of Chinese medicine and Chinese culture
3. History, current status and trend of the translation of TCM Classic
4.Disciplinary construction, talent cultivation and development trend of TCM foreign language education
5. International standardization of Chinese medical terminology and the compilation of bilingual dictionaries of Chinese medicine
6.Current status and future development of international education and cooperation of traditional Chinese medicine
7. Construction and literature study of Corpus for Chinese medicine purpose 
8. Bilingual  teaching  and  international  education  of  Chinese  medicine and Chinese culture
9. Postgraduate education for students majoring in Chinese medicine translation
10. Academic thought of TCM translators
11. Related topics.

The conference will collect unpublished academic papers of the attendees and the exceptional ones will be issued a certificate and recommended for publishing in related domestic journals.


5. Submission Details:
1. Papers submitted should be in the form of Microsoft Word document. The body of each paper (including references) should be in less than 8000 words, with an approximately 200-word abstract and 3 to 5 key words.
2. The deadline for the submission of papers is Sept.20, 2017. Please send your paper to the following e-mail address:  

6. Conference Fee:
1. Conference fee: 900 yuan;
2. accommodation and transportation expenses are the responsibility of the attendee.
3. Cash or credit card are acceptable. Invoices titled conference fee can be provided. Note that invoices can only be collected during the conference.


7. Registration deadline: 
Please  fill  in  and  send  the  registration  form (in Attachment) to

before Sept.20, 2017.


8. Contacts: 

Zhang Bin: 13301780881; Shan Baozhi:13661626696,
Secretariat of WFCMS Specialty Committee of Translation
Address: Foreign Languages College, Shanghai Normal University,
No. 100 Guilin Road, Shanghai, China, 200234 

Liu Haishan: 18922182342; 86-020-37103016;
Zhou Yinfang: 18998321629,
Conference staff of Guangzhou Medical University
Address: Xinzao , Panyu District, Guangzhou, China, 511436


9. Check-in place & traffic guide:
To be updated in the second announcement.


WFCMS Specialty Committee of Translation

April 10, 2017



1、Registration Form

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