13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine held, Auckland
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13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine held, Auckland

12 November 2016 | Auckland - The 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine & OBOR TCM Culture Week (Oceania.2016) was held in Auckland, New Zealand on Nov. 12 in 2016. The theme of Congress is "Better future of Chinese medicine in the new century", and nearly 800 experts from 30 countries and regions including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, France, Philippines, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States attended the meeting.



800 experts from 30 countries and regions attended the meeting


The opening remarks, made by She Jing, chairperson of WFCMS, were very encouraging. She said Traditional medicine was attracting worldwide attention from governments around the world. Traditional medicine has gained more attention in maintaining health and treating diseases. The theory, diagnosis and treatment technology of TCM, was gradually being accepted by more and more countries and regions. Therefore, the international development of TCM has a charming prospect.She also pointed out the achievements of WFCMS during the past 13 years. WFCMS already had 251 society members and 117 specialty (working) committees from 67 countries and regions, and had established official relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), and also became the A-liaison organization of International Organization for Standardization (ISO / TC249), elected as the consolatory agency of intangible heritage culture of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


She Jing, chairperson of WFCMS, gave an opening remarks


Mr. Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland, New Zealand, welcomed the guests from afar in Chinese. He believed that the 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine would play the key role in promoting the development of TCM in New Zealand. He pointed out that the cognition and usage of TCM by New Zealand Chinese promoted the acupuncture to be certified by the national government and also accessed into the medical insurance system. When Mr. Phil Goff was the minister of diplomacy and commerce, he promoted the signing of the first FTA agreement between China and New Zealand. The agreement allowed 200 TCM physicians to practice in New Zealand every year, which was of extraordinary significance for the transmission of TCM in New Zealand.


 Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland, welcomed the guests


Xu Erwen, Consul General of PRC in Auckland


Hon Dr. Yang Jian, MP, Congressman of New Zealand


Mr. Michael Stokoe, Business Events Bid Executive of Tourism New Zealand


Prof. Liu Changxiao, Academician of China Engineering Academy


Dr. Joan Campbell, Chairperson of New Zealand Acupuncture Standard Authority Inc.


Li Zhenji, founder, the vice president and secretary- general of WFCMS gave a key-note speeche: Plans and Tasks for International Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine in New Era



Mrs Helen Pocknall, from Ministry of  Human Resources of New Zealand, gave a key-note speeche: Health workforce regulation in New Zealand and Chinese Medicine


Fan Yongsheng, former president of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, gave a key-note speeche: Chinese medicine understanding of Shanghuo and the research of its pathogenesis


 Jessica Feng, Principal of New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, gave a key-note speeche: Pulse diagnosis for intractable diseases and targeted therapies with low dose herbs


Ren Xiaoyan , chairman of US international Long-term´s Acupuncutre Association, gave a key-note speeche: The clinical application of TCM thread embedding acupuncture


The Third Meeting of the Third Member Representative Conference of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies was held. Sang Binsheng was elected as  Secretary General of WFCMS.


Sang Binsheng was elected as Secretary General of WFCMS in the Third Meeting of the Third Member Representative Conference of WFCMS


 Opening ceremony hosted by Xu Chunbo,  Deputy Secretary General of WFCMS, and  Stephen Z. F. Xu ,chairman of New Zealand College of Chinese 


The 13th  World Congress of Chinese Medicine was accompanied with the 10th exhibition of TCM trade in service and organized 12 workshops, including special session of TCM intangible cultural heritage, diagnosis and treatment technology of TCM, etc., in order to provide academic platform for exchanges in clinical experience and promotion of research fruits.


At closing ceremony, the 14th World Congress of Chinese Medicine is decided to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in October next year.

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