Instructions for Membership Application
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Instructions for Membership Application
World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) welcomes the societies and entities, and individuals of Chinese medicine around the world to join the federation so as to promote the global development of Chinese medicine collectively.
Qualifications for Society membership are as follows:
A. Any society should apply for the membership voluntarily with a promise to abide by the WFCMS’s constitution, pay the membership fee on due time and work actively for the federation.
B. An applicant should be a traditional Chinese medicine organization, or medical, educational or scientific research institution and it should be registered in its country prior to the application.
C. An applicant should have been established for more than one year and have more than 30 members. (The criteria could be relaxed in the country and region where none of societies of traditional Chinese medicine has more than 30 members due to little practitioners or other reasons.)
D. An applicant should have its own office.
E. An applicant should have a constitution which is consistent with the law and regulations of the country or region in which it is situated.
F. An applicant should have its funds for conducting activities.
G. Major members of the society which makes application to join the federation should meet one of the following criteria:
 1) They should be registered practitioners of Chinese medicine, pharmacists of Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, tuina or massage physicians and have registration certificates and licenses issued by authorities of their countries or regions.
 2) They should be practitioners in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and have acquired the qualification to be practitioners of Chinese medicine, pharmacists of Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, tuina or massage physicians in the countries where traditional Chinese medicine is legal before they move to conduct activities of traditional Chinese medicine in the countries where traditional Chinese medicine is yet to be legal.
3) They should be registered doctors or pharmacists of Western medicine who have received systematic training of traditional Chinese medicine (or acupuncture), and should conduct activities or business of traditional Chinese medicine or the integration of Chinese and Western medicine.
1. Applicants should submit written documents to the secretariat:
·           Checklist of society membership application;
·           Cover of application form;
·           Application form;
·           Curriculum vitae of president, vice-president and secretary-general of the applicant ( including headshot photos);
·           Name list of all members of the applicant ( including headshot photos for each member);
·           Copy of registration certificate of the applicant;
·           Written introduction of the society
2. Applicants for society members will become members by winning more than half of votes by standing Council Board members of WFCMS either at a meeting or via mail/email voting after they pass the preliminary review of the secretariat.
Contact information:
Department of International Liaison of WFCMS
Address: Room 312, Building A, Wealth Garden,
19 Xiaoying Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Post code: 100101
Phone: 0086-10-58650026,0086-10-58650243,0086-10-58650240,0086-10-58650058
Fax: 0086-10-58650018

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