Xu Chunbo, Vice Secretary General



Xu Chunbo, born in China, is postdoctoral fellow, professor, tutor of postgraduates and winner of the 24th Tichuan medical scholarship. She graduated from the Department of CM, Shandong University of Chinese Medicine in 1985. She got master’s degree on basic theory on CM in 1988, docotor’s degree on literatures of CM in 1996, and finished her postdoctoral research in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 2006. From 2001 to 2002, she studied rehibilitation medicine in the Department of Medicaine,Univeristy of Yokohama, Japan.
After graduating in 1988, she began teaching and research in Research Institute of Chinese Medicine Literature in Shandong University of Chinese Medcine, where she delivered lectures on basic theory on CM, literature of CM, Critical Interpretation of Ancient Texts, Introduction to rehibilitation medicine, CM rehibilitation, etc. She took part in over ten scientific and research projects, such as research on significant basic international standards in the field of CM, research on projects optimization and quality control of CM clinical research, research on inheritance of clinical experiences and thoughts of famous elderly CM doctors, research on regulations of digitalized ancient books and literatures on CM, research on computer showcasing of ancient books on CM, research on establishment of research model and platform for basic theory of CM, etc.
Since 2006 she worked in WFCMS,where she was engaged in such projects as research on basic theory of CM(a part of research program of 973 plan), CM research programs supporting 973 plan, research on inheritance of clinical experiences and thoughts of famous elderly CM doctors, and research on CM organizational standards. She was appoited sucessively as director of the Department of Projects Management, director of the Department of Science, Technology and Standards, and assistant Diretor-General of WFCMS. She was at the same time deputy Secretary-General of the Specialty Committee of Clinical Effect Evaluation, Deputy Director of the Office of supporting projects for 973 plan, Deputy Director of the consultants office of CM theory projects for 973 plan.
She is deputy Secretary-General of WFCMS, assisting Secretary-General in supervising the Academic Department, the Department of Science, Technology and Standards, and the Department of Translation.

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