Sang Binsheng, Vice Secretary-general
Sang Binsheng was born in Harbin, the provincial capital of Hei Longjiang province. In 1977, he began to study in Hei Longjiang University of TCM and received undergraduate degree in medicine. In 1985, he obtained M.A. degree in China Academy of Chinese Medical Science. Later he served in Harbin Hospital of TCM and China Academy of Chinese Medical Science. From 1990, he was promoted to work in State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he undertook the positions as follows: principal staff member, vice director, director of the department of legislation and regulation, director of the secretariat, deputy director of the department of the human resources, policies and regulations and of the department of policies and regulations, inspector, vice secretary-general of party commission of SATCM, director-general of the department of policies and regulations.

From May, 2016, he has undertaken the position of vice secretary-general of WFCMS.Sang has been engaged in TCM management, strategic planning, policy research, legal building, standardization and inspection and was executive council member of China Health Law Society, China Health inspection Association, Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine and National commission of TCM standardization technique.      
Sang organized to draft Suggestions on Supporting and Promoting TCM Development and Outline of the Strategic Plan of TCM Development (2016-2030) by the state council and helped for their implementation. Additionally, he organized to draft the 10th and 11th five-year plan of TCM and to formulate more than 10 work reports of TCM for more than consecutive 10 years. He also organized to formulate more than 10 important documents, finishing several important research programs, such as Improve the Policy System of TCM. And he is the editor-in-chief of Strategic Report of TCM Modernization and Report of TCM Policies since the Founding of the P.R.C.He organized to draft TCM Law and is the main drafter of TCM Law (draft), promoting TCM to be adopted into the legislation plan by the Standing Committee of the 11th and 12th National People’s Congress. He organized to draft and promoted Chinese Medicine Regulation of P.R.C. He promoted TCM regulation in 26 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) and he is editor-in-chief of Collection of Chinese Medicine Regulation and Collection of Common Regulation of Chinese Medicine, promoting the legal building of TCM.

He promoted to establish ISO/TC249 and organized to formulate The Development Plan of TCM Standardization (2006-2010), and the Mid and Long-term Development Plan of TCM Standardization (2011-2020).He also promoted the construction of TCM standard system and established 5 technique commission of TCM throughout China, issuing more than 600 standards and writing monographs such as Introduction of TCM Standardization, Questions and Response of TCM Standardization etc.

Sang promoted the supervision of TCM and organized to formulate documents such as suggestions on strengthening the TCM inspection and suggestions on strengthening TCM accreditation etc.

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