TCM Shows Unique Advantages in Epidemic Prevention and Control

【Release time】:Mar,17th,2020    【Source】:wfcms

Liu Qi, Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of CPC:TCM Shows Unique Advantages in Epidemic Prevention and Control; and Provincial TCM Industry Should be Made Better, Stronger and Larger
Source: Jiangxi Politics Headline    March 8, 2020
By Liu Yong &  Lin Jun


    On March 6, Liu Qi, Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Committee of CPC, chaired a coordinating meeting to promote the development of the TCM industry. He stressed that we should thoroughly implement the important instruction of general secretary Xi Jinping on the development of TCM, sum up in detail the positive role and successful experience of TCM in the prevention and control of the epidemic, strengthen continually the construction of the innovation platform, optimize the layout of production capacity, seize opportunities to make TCM industry better, stronger and larger, and strive to take a new step in the construction of a more powerful province with TCM. Liu Qi listened to the work report on the role of TCM in the COVID-19prevention and control, and acknowledged the achievements. He expressed condolence and gratitude to the TCM staff in the front line. He pointed out that TCM is the treasure of Chinese civilization, and embodies the wisdom of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, and has made important contributions to the protection and maintenance of people´s health. In the epidemic prevention and control, TCM, together with western medicine, has played an important role in the whole process, with mutual cooperation and complementary. There advantages are once more highlighted in disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. We should sum up the experience and give full play to the favourable resource conditions, cultural accumulation and industrial foundation advantages of the province, inherit the essence and keep innovation, and strive to make the TCM industry into a dominant and characteristic industry in Jiangxi.


    Then, Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangxi Province, Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ganjiang New Area reported the development of TCM industry in the whole province around the construction of China (Nanchang) TCM scientific and technological innovation city. Liu Qi listened carefully and worked with others to analyse problems and promote deployment. He pointed out that we should always remember the general secretary Xi Jinping´s instructions for our development of TCM when he inspected Jiangxi, push forward our efforts selflessly, responsibly and continually, and make TCM a brilliant part for Jiangxi´s development. We should seize the opportunity to increase public health services and other new infrastructure construction, give full play to the advantages of the rich TCM culture, superior resource and complete industrial system, and actively seize the opportunity and make contributions in the development and innovation platform and production capacity layout of the national TCM industry. We need to focus on the construction of the scientific and technological innovation city of traditional Chinese medicine, gather various elements of the development of TCM industry, extend and improve the industrial chain, and build a competitive industrial cluster of TCM. We should pay close attention to the construction of innovation platform, continue to promote the construction of national large scientific device of TCM of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangxi branch of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, actively connect with national platform, vigorously introduce famous universities, scientific research institutes and national laboratories in the field of TCM at home and abroad to settle in Jiangxi, gather first-class talents and realize first-class innovation with first-class platform. It is necessary to strengthen the efforts of recruitment and introduction, connect with leading domestic and foreign leading enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises with high technology content to settle in the science and technology innovation city, and accelerate the establishment of a modern economic system for the development of TCM industry. We should adhere to the holistic idea in the whole province, and realize complementary advantages and staggered development in various links such as planting, trading and production according to the development foundation and resource of TCM, so as to jointly make the province´s TCM industry better, stronger and larger.

Translated by Zou Jianhua