“COVID-19 No.1” and “StrongCOVID-19 No.1” of Hubei TCM Hospital Put on Record

【Release time】:Feb,28th,2020    【Source】:wfcms

Source:China News of TCM   Feb25, 2020
By Hu Meng and Wan Lingxiang


    On February 23, Hubei Medical Products Administration issued the approval document of preparations, and put them on record.QingfeiDayuan granules (COVID-19 No.1) and ChaihuDaxiong mixture (Strong COVID-19 No.1)are formulatedby Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. They could be used in the outbreak in Hubei TCM Hospital. They could also be used in the designated hospitals according to the requirements of headquarter of COVID-19 prevention and control, and be produced by related entrusted enterprises.


    It was reported that, after the outbreak, Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital launched the emergency response mechanism, quickly organized experts, under the guidance of Prof. Mei Guoqiang, a national TCM master, quickly carried out clinical research and emergency research.


    On January 24, under the guidance of Prof. Mei, Prescription of TCM Prevention and Treatment for COVID-19 in Hubei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (first edition) was formulated. On February 6, on the basis of early curative effect, Prof. Ba Yuanming and deputy chief physician Xiao Mingzhong of HubeiTraditional Chinese Medicine Hospital formulated Prescription of TCM Prevention and Treatment for COVID-19 (second edition), and reporting it to Hubei Department of Science and Technology. At the same time, the second edition was rapidly promoted and applied in 6 isolated areas of Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. “COVID-19 No. 1” was fixed gradually and reported to Hubei Science and Technology Department and Hubei Health Committee.


    Within one month, Ba Yuanming led the team to carry out the clinical efficacy observation on 143 cases of "COVID-19 No. 1" and "Strong COVID-19 No. 1", and completed the clinical research data of the preparations application.


    On February 14, the pharmaceutical affairs department of the hospital organized the research team of the TCM Institute and the preparation center to rapidly carry out the pharmaceutical research of ChaihuDaxiong mixture (Strong COVID-19 No.1) and QingfeiDayuan granules (COVID-19 No.1) hospital preparations. Within one week, the preparation process and quality standards of the two hospital preparations were completed, and the pilot production verification and preparation of the filing application materials were completed. On February 23, the hospital submitted the application materials of preparation filing to Hubei Medical Products Administration. According to the requirements of hospital preparation filing, Hubei Medical Products Administration adhered to the special principle of emergency and timely started the emergency review and approval. On that day, it granted the approval of the two medical preparations.


    Ba Yuanming introduced that QingfeiDayuan granules (COVID-19 No.1) had the effect of harmonizing Shaoyang, resolving dampness and detoxification; ChaihuDaxiong mixture (Strong COVID-19 No.1) had the effect of clearing away plague and detoxification, purifying and resolving phlegm, and harmonizing therapy and ventilating. The two hospital preparations can be effective to COVID-19.


    As of February 22, 517 COVID-19 cases were admitted to Hubei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 158 cases were cured and discharged. Most of the patients were treated with integration of TCM and western medicine, such as “COVID-19 No.1” and “Strong COVID-19 No.1”, and the total effective rate was 90% or more. The specific performance was follows: in terms of symptom relief, the improvement rate of reducing fever was 95.6%, the improvement rate of high fever was 88.7%, the improvement rate of dry cough was 88.9%, and the improvement rate of fatigue was 96.4%. “COVID-19 No.1” can quickly stabilize the condition and block the progress from mild, common and severe to critical; in terms of physical signs, the tongue coating was thicker, with an effective rate of 90.3%; in terms of CT examination, lung inflammation was obviously absorbed. The effective rate was over 85%.


Translated by Zou Jianhua