Giving Full Play to the Unique Advantages of TCM and Contributing More to Win the Outbreak War

【Release time】:Feb,27th,2020    【Source】:wfcms

Peng Qinghua, Secretary of Sichuan CPC Committee:Giving Full Play to the Unique Advantages of TCM and Contributing More to Win the Outbreak War
Source:China News of TCM    Feb 22,2020


    On February 21, at the critical moment of fighting COVID-19, Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Sichuan provincial Party Committee and Head of the leading group of COVID-19 prevention and control, has led the provincial leaders, including Fan Ruiping, Wang Minghui and Wang Fengzhao, to conduct a special investigation of TCM.


    Tian Xingjun, Director-General of Sichuan TCM Administration, made a report on the work of TCM in the whole province, especially on the prevention and control of outbreak with TCM. As of 24:00 on February 20, there were 525 confirmed cases in the whole province, 480 cases were treated with TCM participation, 222 cases were discharged, and 210 cases were treated with TCM participation. Among the cases treated with TCM and confirmed cases, the effective rate of integrated TCM and Western medicine was 98.33% and 89.9% respectively. The TCM system of the whole province gave full play to the advantages of the characteristics of TCM. Early intervention, classified treatment, full and deep participationachieved good effect.


    With the support of the Provincial Health Commission and the Department of Science and Technology, we strengthened the cooperation between TCM and western medicine, tackled key problems in scientific research of TCM. With the support of Sichuan Medical Products Administration, we launched TCM formulas of "COVID-19 No.1, No.2 and No.3”, which were adjusted and used by 209 designated hospitals of medical treatment in the province. With the support of the SichuanHealthcareSecurityAdministration and other departments, they were incorporated into the scope of medical insurance payment, laying a solid foundation for the full play of the role of TCM.


    Zhao Junning, a TCM expert and researcher, reported the progress and effect of scientific and technological research on outbreak prevention and control of TCM. Prof.XieChunguang introduced the mechanism, effect and clinical research of TCM. He Chengshi, who participated in the front-line treatment, reported the treatment and experience of patients treated with TCM.


    Peng Qinghua pointed out that we must resolutely implement general secretary Xi Jinping´s important directive spirit on outbreak prevention and control. TCM is the treasure of the Chinese nation. It has many unique advantages, such as wide application of diseases, accurate clinical efficacy, and flexible treatment and so on. In this outbreak prevention and control work, TCM fully participated in, and the "COVID-19 No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3" played a timely and unique role in the medical treatment of patients.


    Peng stressed that we should further improve the treatment mechanism of integrated TCM and western medicine, improve the treatment plan of integrated TCM and western medicine, and maximize the cure rate and reduce the mortality rate. We should give full play to the role of TCM in the early prevention, clinical treatment and rehabilitation of infectious diseases, continue to carry out the screening research of effective prescriptions, and formulate more targeted prescriptions for different symptoms, patients´ habitus and disease development stages.


    Peng stressed, Sichuan enjoys the reputation of "hometown and reservoir of TCM", with rich resources of TCM. We should give full play to the unique advantages of TCM, strengthen collaborative innovation, carry out joint research, and contribute more to win the prevention and control of outbreak. We should take this outbreak prevention and control as an opportunity to vigorously develop the TCM industry, make full use of modern new technologies and new models to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and constantly enhance core competitiveness.


    PengQinghua and his team went to Sichuan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and mainly inspected the key laboratory of biological evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine quality and the dynamic monitoring center of traditional Chinese medicine resources of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


    Leaders of General Office of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and relevant departments directly under Sichuan province participated in the investigation.


Translated by Zou Jianhua