TCM and Western Medicine Work Together Again!

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TCM and Western Medicine Work Together Again!
First Group of TCM and Western Medicine Experts Stationed Leishenshan Hospital in the Rainy Day

Source:China News of TCM,  Feb 9th,2020
By Xu Jing   Yan Rui  TongTianxuan


8 am, Feb 6th. Light rain.


Forty-five medical staff from Wuhan First Hospital gathered in the rain, and their destination was Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital, which was newly delivered to use.


Running against time, they became the first medical team to the hospital after delivery.


In order to give full play to the characteristic advantages of the integration of TCM and western medicine to treat patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia, this team is consisting of western medicine experts represented by Dr. Fan Xuepeng, a veteran from intensive care department, and TCM experts represented by Dr. XiePeilin,a famous TCM expert in Hubei Province.


Fan Xuepeng, head of the medical team, is director of intensive care department of Wuhan First Hospital. Since Jan 23rd, he has led a medical team of 50 persons in charge of the diagnosis and treatment of two wards and three fever clinics in Wuhan Fifth Hospital, and has admitted more than 60 confirmed patients.


XiePeilin, a famous TCM expert in Hubei Province, is a designated member of the expert group of the TCM prevention and treatment program for novel coronavirus pneumonia. He has diagnosed more than 80 patients in the isolation wards of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and Wuhan First Hospital and accumulated rich clinical experience.


TCM and western medicine will once again work together in Leishenshan Hospital, which will bring hope to the patients admitted by the hospital.


What´s more worth mentioning is that there are many touching stories related to the assembly of this team.


Dr. Wang Wei, a geriatrician and Dr. Chen Xiaoguang, a neurosurgeon, who had joined hands to fight the epidemic together in the third ward of the respiratoryandintensive care department, learned that the hospital was mobilizing the medical team to Leishenshan hospital. Theyagreed  to sign up together and go to the battle front again.


Dr. Fan Hongru, a psychiatrist, went to fulfill the dying wish of an old man.


Before the expedition, a 76-year-old patient, infected with novel coronavirus combined with upper gastrointestinal bleeding, died unfortunately despite his full treatment.


The old man said to him, "You will definitely beat the disease!" These words were imprinted in Fan Hongru´smind.


Knowing that the hospital was mobilizing the Leishenshan medical team, Fan Hongru immediately asked for joining in. He knew that this time, he did not only carry the hope of the old man, but also the hope of all patients.


Elites of TCM and western medicine make up this team. They condense their beliefs into a red flag, flying in the light rain of Wuhan ...


Translated by Wu Sufang