The Third Academic Annual Conference of Hematology The 1st Round Announcement

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The Third Academic Annual Conference of Hematology
Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
The 1st Round Announcement


The Hematology Specialty Committee of The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Conference to be held on Thursday August 31 through Saturday September 2 in Tianjin, People´s Republic of China. The conference is hosted by WFCMS, organized by the 1st Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and co-organized by Xiyuan Hospital affiliated to China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and Institute of Hematology. Experts in the field of hemotology from all around the world are invited to participate this meeting to present and discuss the most recent cutting edge academic research and clinical advancement in hematology.Please pay attend to important information related to this conference below.


Meeting Date: August 31, 2018  to September 2, 2018.


Meeting Location:  Tianjin, P.R. China


Meeting Schedule & Plan:
August 31: Arrival and check-in from 10:00 to 20:00.  Please inform the conference organization committee in advance if you plan to arrive early.  Symposium and Scientific Sessions start in the afternoon.
September 1: Symposium and Scientific Sessions continue
September 2: Meeting adjourn


Requirements for Abstracts and Manuscripts:
Format: Microsoft Word document format is acceptable. Table format should be avoided unless it is absolutely needed. There is no need to include a list of references. Images and handwriting files are not acceptable.
Content: Data and information must be reliable.Conclusions are supported by concrete and substantial data with relevant discussions. Authors are responsible for the content of the manuscript.The Title and Abstracts of the manuscript should be in both Chinese and English. The Chinese Title should be in Simsun Font,15-point type, Bold, with the English Title in Bold Times New Roman Font of a similar size as the Chinese Title.The text of the manuscript should be in Simsun Font, 12-point type in Chinese and/or in Times New Roman Font in English of a similar size as the Chinese text. Abstract is limited to 500-1200 words.
Layout: The full Chinese manuscript should be the first part of the manuscript,with the English Title and English Abstract as the 2nd part of the manuscript.Manuscripts should be assembled in the following order: Title,Authors and their affiliated institutions,Abstract,Main Text.Authors’names should be separated by comma.The full name of the affiliated institution for each contributing author should be included,along with the street address and zip code. 
Review of the Manuscripts: The Academic Committee retains the right for editing and revising the manuscripts.Manuscripts accepted by the committee will be published as a conference proceeding.
Presentations: Power Point Slides should be prepared in both Chinese and English,which will be simultaneously projected on the screen during the Symposium.
Submission: Please submit your manuscript and/or Power Point Presentation as attachments to Please include in the email subject line the manuscript title and author name. Please provide name, title, institution and telephone number in the email.A short biography should also be submitted by all the speakers.  
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2018. Late submissions will not be included in the conference proceeding.
Attendees:  Including but not limited to academic and industry researchers and clinical physicians who are interested in utilizing traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine for the treatment of hematological disorders.  
Registration: Please return the completed registration receipt to before June 30th, 2018.   Registration fee is 1000 Yuan (RMB) per person. Meeting materials and meal coupons are covered by the registration fee.Meals and rooms will be arranged by the organization committee.  Meeting attendees are responsible for the accommodation and transportation expense. Upon receiving the returned registration receipt, the organization committee will reserve a room for you. The standard room is double occupancy.If a single occupancy room is needed, please check the appropriate box on the registration receipt.


Science and Academic Committee:
Shi Zhexin (Tianjin, China): +86-13752689966

Hu Xiaomei (Beijing, China): +86-18610350593

Fengju (Judy) Bai (US): +1-6173521699                             

He Jing (Tianjin, China): +86-13682132485           

Zhang Weifeng (Tianjin, China): +86-15022512954
Quan Richeng (Beijing, China): +86-13720021684
Liu weiyi (Beijing, China): +86-15611283580


Specialty Committee of Hematology     

World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
April 10th, 2018


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