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Join us for the global development of traditional Chinese medicine!


When you join in World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, you:
 Join a community of over 266 member societies in 70 countries and regions, and all the members are local institutions of Chinese medicine, united by a common desire to contribute to development of TCM.
 Stand on a NGO platform and keep in touch with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in TC249, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).
 Get involved in TCM international standards development, global TCM training, International TCM Qualification Examination and Assessment on TCM Senior Professional Title.
 Attend the annual global academic party World Congress of Chinese Medicine, which has been respectively convened in China, France, Canada, Singapore, Macau, Australia, the Netherland, UK, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Spain, New Zealand and Thailand since 2004.  


WFCMS Membership Application


WFCMS welcomes Chinese medicine institutions and organizations from all over the world to become the member societies of WFCMS and join the effort to promote the development of Chinese medicine worldwide.


Qualifications for membership are as follows:
1. The Applicant shall apply for membership voluntarily with a promise to observe WFCMS’s Constitution and work actively for the development of WFCMS.
2. The Applicant should be a registered society in its own country (or region) formed by relevant people engaged in the treatment, research, education, application and manufacture of Chinese Medicine. The members of any applicant shall meet one of the following requirements:
2.1 They are either licensed or registered practitioners or pharmacist of Chinese medicine;
2.2 They were legally licensed practitioners of Chinese medicine or pharmacist in their own countries, but have now immigrated to the countries or regions where Chinese medicine has not been legalized;
2.3 They are licensed physicians or pharmacists of Western medicine who have obtained systematic training of Chinese medicine (or acupuncture) and at present are practicing Chinese Medicine or integrative medicine.
3. The Applicant has a history for more than one year with at least 30 members.
4. The Applicant has its own constant name and office.
5. The Applicant has its own constitution which is consistent with the related law of its own country or region.
6. The Applicant has funds for conducting developmental activities.

1. Applicants shall firstly submit a written application to the Secretariat together with the following documents:
1.1 A completed application forms (affiliated doc. a, b and c)
1.2 The resumes of its chairperson, vice-chairpersons and secretary-general (including bare-head, full face photo)
1.3 A copy of it registration certificate (required for validity check, and will be keep only in application use)
1.4 An introduction to the applicant’s society
2. After a preliminary investigation by the secretariat, the application is submitted to the executive council for review. Membership will be granted by if the applicant gains more than half of the votes casted both at the Executive Council Members Meeting and by the correspondence vote. Then, the membership certificate can be applied.                                                                                                           

Membership Fees:
Member Societies
 $ 200 USD per year (less than 100 members)
 $ 400 USD per year (101 to 500 members)
 $ 600 USD per year (more than 501 members)


Contact information:
Please complete all the forms and send to WFCMS via email:


Department for Contact: International Liaison Department of WFCMS
Contact person: Sunny Wang (Director), Tel: +86-10-58650026
Li Xinxue (Chief Assistant, Contact person for European & African Members), Tel: +86-10-58650243
Pan Xuan (Contact person for Asian & Oceanian Members), Tel: +86-10-58650240
Nong Qin (Contact person for American Members), Tel: +86-10-58650058
Email address:, website:
Address: Room 312, Building A, Wealth Garden, No.19 Xiao Ying Street, Beijing, P.R.China 100101


1、membership application
2、Curriculum Vitae of Person in Charge of the Institution

3、Basic information of all members of the member society

Please complete all the forms and send to WFCMS via email: