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Notice of the Election Assembly and 6th Annual Academic Conference of Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS
(Shenzhen·China, 2017)



Dear experts and colleagues,

In order to promote the academic exchange and common progress of scholars in constitutionology of Traditional Chinese Medicine and constitutional medicine in different countries and regions, improve the research levels, and promote the development and internationalization of constitutional medicine, the Election Assembly and 6th Annual Academic Conference of Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) will be held in Shenzhen, China from November 3rd to 5th, 2017.

The conference will be hosted by Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS. Professor Wang Qi, the distinguished specialist in the field of constitutional medicine, national top physician, tenured professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and president of the Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS, is the chairman and keynote speaker of the conference. Meanwhile, we will invite specialists in constitutional medicine from around the world to deeply discuss and share their opinions on clinical application, essence of the theoretical research and innovative achievements in scientific research. What a great opportunity! Please join in us, and you will learn a lot during the meeting.

The related announcement is as follows:


I. Conference theme
Constitution and entire life cycle health care


II. Conference topics (scope of papers soliciting)
1. Application of constitutional medicine in every life period;
2. Theory, method and technique of constitutional health management;
3. Application of constitutional medicine in medical practice;
4. Application of constitutional medicine in health care;
5. Constitutional intervention including herbal treatment and effect evaluation;
6. Research on risk evaluation of health status in different types of constitution;
7. Modern research of constitutional medicine and application of the related instruments;
8. Constitutional medicine and multidisciplinary research (individualized medicine, genetics, anthropology, psychology, etc.)


III. Time and location
Time: November 3rd to 5th, 2017. (Registering all day on November 3rd);
Location: Shenzhen, China. (The meeting address in details and roadmap for taking buses or driving cars will be provided in the second round notice).


IV. Participants
Experts, scholars, businessmen and student representatives associated with constitutional medicine, public health, individualized medicine, genetics, anthropology, psychology field from different countries or regions.


V. Agenda

1. Elect the second governing Council of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS and hold the second session meeting of the Council.

2. Hold the 6th annual academic conference of Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS in the form of keynote lectures, thematic forums, and academic exchanges in order to sum up the academic development and research achievements of TCM constitutionology, discuss the relationship between constitution and life cycle health, promote inheritance, innovation, development, and cooperation of constitutional medicine, and facilitate health China construction. 

Official languages: Chinese and English.


VI. Essay submission
1. Deadline for submission: September 10th, 2017.If overdue, your paper will not be included in the conference academic collections.

2. Way to submit: Log in the registration website of the 6th Annual Academic Conference of Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS( )and submit your paper.

3. Format for paper: submit strictly according to the requirements of online papers.

4. Content: the data must be reliable with substantial contents.  The authors take sole responsibility for their own views.

5. Title and abstract: The title and abstract should be written in both Chinese and English. 300 words or so are needed for each abstract with key words in Chinese listed under the Chinese abstract. Similarly, the key words in English should correspond with Chinese ones and the whole English abstract follow the Chinese version.  All the authors should be listed. Author’s unit need to be written in full name with a specific address. "Three-wire table" is necessary.  If the content can be explained in words, please avoid using tables. .

6. Words in the text (including reference): within 5000 in English or Chinese.

7. Reference: All authors in the references should be listed if the number is no more than 3. The first 3 names plus “et al.” will be adopted if there are more than 3.  The cited references should be published within the recent 5 years with clear pages quoted.

8. Paper verifying: Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS has the right to accept or reject, and revise and finalize the paper. Once meeting our requirements, these papers for the conference will be edited into paper collection disc and abstract compilation.

9. Speech at conference : once selected as a conference speaker based on the quality of your paper, you are required to provide with a PowerPoint presentation to the conference staff before October 20th, 2017. The PowerPoint should be prepared in both Chinese and English with 20 slides limited. The time for each speaker is within 15 minutes containing 5-minute “Q & A”.


VII. Conference fee

Total fees (RMB)
Before Sep.10th, 2017
Before Oct. 10th, 2017
After Oct. 10th, 2017
Registration fee
Booth fee
Registration fee for students (student’s ID)
Fee for family members

* The student ID card is necessary for postgraduate candidate on registration.
* The conference registration is subject to the time to pay fee. The deadline for registration fee discount is October 10th.

Registration fee:
1. Supper for Nov. 3rd and 4th and lunch for Nov. 4th and 5th.

2. Material expenses: conference handbook, representative card, and conference proceedings, etc.

3. Fee for family members: the dinner and shuttle service are included.
Note:Registration fee does not include membership fee,to know the membership fee please see the Invitation of membership.

Booth fee:
the registration fees for two representatives, international standard booth with the area of  3 by 3m, 1 desk, 2 chairs, 1 socket and basic lighting.


VIII. Way to register and pay fees
Log in the website( )then register online and pay fees. Or you can scan the two-dimensional code.


Only online payment and on-site payment are acceptable.

Online payment: The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies cooperates with payease platform and open up the internet banking online payment for registration fee. After logging in the registration system, click “Online Registration” and pay through online banking according to the tips. The function of internet banking should be available for your card and ample deposit is needed.

On-site payment: If you haven’t submitted the registration form or submitted the registration form without paying fees before October 29th, please go directly to the conference site to deal with the payment of registration procedures.

Refund process: If there are any refunds, they will be tackled at the end of the meeting, and finished within 15 working days. Details for the refund are as follows: if apply for a refund before September 30th, you will get a full refund except deducting finance related expenses from the conference affairs; if apply during October 1st to 22nd, you can only get 50% of the full refund at premise of deduction of finance related expenses; if apply after October 22nd, there will be no refund.

Invoice: Anyone who needs the invoice, please accurately fill in the invoice information including invoice title and invoice type in the registration system. Based on these information, the conference affairs will issue an invoice for the attendees who need it. If the invoice information is incorrect due to your own reasons, the conference affairs will not return the invoice.


IX. Accommodations
Please see the second round of notice for the hotel and room type, etc.


X. Credits for the continuing medical education
The attendees will gain 6 credits for the national continuing medical education (Thirty yuan for cost of making a credit certificate without invoice is necessary).


XI. Contact
Secretariat to Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS
Address: No. 11 Bei San Huan Dong Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing
Contact persons and mobile phones: Shi Huimei (15010342830), Li Yanni (18810266755), Wang Ji (15201129912), Zhu Yanbo (13683695560)
E-mail: (specific to the Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS)


Specialty Committee of Constitutional Medicine of WFCMS
March 28th, 2017