The 1st Round Notice of the 13th WCCM

【Release time】:Jan,07th,2016    【Source】:WFCMS secretariat

The 1st Round Notice

11th-13th November, 2016 New Zealand

Dear Chinese Medicine Practitioners:
World Congress of Chinese Medicine
, organized by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), is a global academic event in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. It is convened annually and has been successfully organized for twelve times in China, France, Canada, Singapore, Macau, Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, USA, Russia and Spain respectively. During the 12th World Congress of Chinese Medicine, the “OBOR TCM Culture Week” is held at the first time. Many series of activities are organized during the week, which contributes to building the wide platform for the TCM development in Europe.

The 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine namely the “OBOR TCM Culture Week” will be held at Auckland, New Zealand on the 11th-13th November, 2016. Professors and experts of Chinese Medicine from all over the world will assemble together and share the information of their theoretical research, clinical experience, scientific achievements and new inventions & creations. In addition, we will hold exhibitions of trade in service of Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the congress, and organize different kinds of academic investigations.

Relevant matters are shown as follows:
1. Place:Auckland, Newzealand

2. Theme:Embrace the past and step into the future –Chinese Medicine as a sustainable health system for the 21st Century

3. Topics for papers (see requirements in the attachment)
1) Research on TCM fundamental theories;
2) TCM clinical practices: innovation and progress of clinical research methods, research on assessment system of clinical efficacy, Introductions of clinical experiences of senior Master Practitioners of Chinese Medicine, Understanding and promotion of characteristic therapies of Chinese Medicine, research on TCM health preservation and preventive treatment of diseases, etc;
3) Practices of acupuncture and tuina research: assistance of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in clinical research, introduction of clinical experience in specific methods of acupuncture, the characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in treating regional diseases, etc;
4) Research on Chinese materia medica: Chinese medical formulas, research on compatibility of medicines, research and application of Chinese materia medica, etc;
5) Research on integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine: theoretical innovation, new development, creative practice, experience summary;
6) Inheritance and Development of the massage manipulation genre of TCM.
7) Research on TCM informatization and international standardization;
8) The development and regulation of TCM in different countries around the world; The situation of TCM education, educational systems and academic research in different countries;
9) The protection of TCM culture and intangible cultural heritage;
10) Genuine regional materia medica and the protection of endangered rare animals and plants;
11) The theoretical research, practical and experience of TCM trade in service

4. Participants:
Government officials of related countries; experts, scholars and entrepreneurs who are engaged in Traditional Chinese medicine, traditional medicine, integration of Chinese and Western medicine, modern medicine and other related fields: medical treatment, education, scientific research, management, production and trade in the field of TCM around the world, and members of WFCMS in all countries.

5. Congress Schedule:
1) Academic meeting:Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Keynote Speeches, Special Reports in Parallel Sessions, On-site display workshop, Welcoming Banquet.
2) Exhibition of TCM trade in service:3m*3m, one desk, 2 chairs, one socket, adequate lighting, and exempt from registration fee for 2 persons for each booth.
3) Special Issue for the Congress: In order to memorize this congress, we will print Special Issue for the 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine, which will include qualified institutions and individuals. We will deliver the issue to our 246 member societies from 65 countries, foreign embassies in China, Chinese embassies in foreign countries, and some relevant international organizations and institutions. Your application for a copy of the issue is welcomed and related expense will be notified then.
4) Participants may be granted credit certificate of category II for Chinese continuing education (score: 6). If you need credits, please inform the Organizing Committee in advance.

6. Important Date:
1st July, 2016 deadline for discounted registration fee
31st July, 2016 deadline for paper submission from attendees

7. Consultation and registration for the Congress: The organizing committee of World Congress of Chinese Medicine has started to receive registration, the contact is as followed:
Contact person of the office of World Congress of Chinese Medicine (International Liaison Department of WFCMS):
Qiu Jun, Yang Liu, Pan Xuan , Shui Yiqiang,
Email address:,
Tel: 010-58650243/58650240/58650026/58650058
Organizing Committee of World Congress of Chinese Medicine
4th November, 2015
Attachment: requirements for papers to be submitted for the 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine
1. Deadline for submission
: 31st July, 2016. Any paper submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

2. Submitting the paper: Both the full text and abstract of the paper must be sent as an attachment in a Microsoft Word document format via e-mail to the email address of the organizing committee of World Congress of Chinese Medicine. (The organizing committee only accepts the papers submitted via e-mail.)

3. The e-mail address:, Authors must give their personal information on the paper, including full name, title, organization, contact address (telephone & FAX numbers, e-mail address). Also clearly note “Entry Paper for the 13th World Congress of Chinese Medicine” on your paper.

4. Format: Papers and abstracts should be formatted in a Microsoft Word document.

5. Content: submitted papers should be substantial and its data should be reliable. Presenters are responsible for any consequences on the contents of their papers.

6. Title and abstract: title and abstract should be written in both Chinese and English, with approximately 300 words. The Chinese key words and English key words should be corresponded with each other and placed under Chinese abstract and English abstract respectively. All the authors’ names should be listed in order. Full names of the institutions and their address in detail are required. The tables used in paper should be ‘three-line’ tables. Textual descriptions are highly recommended compared with tables.

7. Main part of paper (including references): limited to 3000 words, in either Chinese or English.

8. Reference: List all the authors if there are no more than 3 authors. List the first 3 authors followed by “et al.” if there are more than 3 authors. The references used in paper should be based on the literature published in China or abroad within 5 years. Each piece of reference should be clearly marked with beginning and ending page number.

9. Reviewing: The Academic Committee of the Congress reserves the right to edit, accept or reject the paper. Selected papers will be edited and compiled into CDs of papers of the congress and the collection of paper abstracts.

10. Speech: The authors whose papers are selected to be presented at the Congress meeting are required to send in PowerPoint slides of their presentation to the organizing committee before 10th August, 2016 . The slides should be no more than 20 pages. Each slide should be made in both Chinese and English. Each presenter has 15 minutes for their presentation, with an addition of 5 minutes for questions and answers. Any presenter that does not meet the above requirements will be automatically disqualified.