The 11th World Congress of Chinese Medicine was convened in St.Petersburg, Russia

【Release time】:Oct,03th,2014    【Source】:WFCMS secretariat
The 11th World Congress of Chinese Medicine was convened in St.Petersburg, Russia

In 1st and 2nd October, the 11th World Congress of Chinese Medicine, which was focused by global medical field, was convened in St.Petersburg, Russia. In the topic of ‘ Combining eastern and western culture and developing future medical mode’, more than 1000 specialists, scholars, representatives of organizations attended the conference. 


The president of WCCM and WFCMS Prof. She Jing, science and high technology chairman of Russia Federation national Duma committee Mr.ChereshnevValeriyAleksandrovich, academician from Russia Federation academy of science, pace-setter in clinical immunology scientific research of Novosibirsk national medical university and the vice-chairman of WFCMS education guidance committee Mr.Vladimir AlexandrovichKozlov, representative of St. Petersburg Ministry of Health Mrs. Kabushka Yana Stanislavovna, executive committee member of WFCMS and president of South Korea traditional acupuncture society Mr. Kim Namjoo, the vice-chairman and secretary-general of China Medical Materials Association Liu Zhongliang and Zhang Qi from traditional and complementary medicine of WHO made their speech for the conference. They reached a consensus that people of the whole world are becoming a family and united more than ever, which is a new opportunity for TCM to make greater progress. After 11 years establishment, WFCMS is becoming a well-known and influential international medical academic organization, which possesses 239 group members from 65 countries and regions and 73 specialized committees. Its achievements is not only the provement of TCM`s popularization and in-depth development, but also the results of WFCMS`s hard working. 


 The opening ceremony was hosted by the executive chairman of this conference, the vice-chairperson and the secretary general of WFCMS Li Zhenji and the president of«Li West» Corporation Ltd. Mr. Luzyanin Konstantin. The executive member of the council and the executive director of the conference preparatory committee Mr. Li Guilin introduced the leaders and honored guests that attended the opening ceremony.


After the opening ceremony, four specialists made keynote speech.
(1)ShirinskyValeriyStepanovich – western medicine and chinese medicine, from mutual complementary to combination.
 (2)Zhang Boli – the advantages and evaluation about treating CVD with TCM
(3)Wang Qi – applying Chinese way in the worldwide challenge ‘what is the meaning of Constitution of TCM?’
(4)Mr. Luzyanin Konstantin Alekseevich— the decelopment of TCM in Russia
The keynote speech and academic communication also included the discussion about combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine and medical model, research about basic theory of Chinese medicine, clinical experience and progress in treating nephrosis,dermatosis and paediatric diseases,theory research and clinical practice of Acupuncture Moxibustion and Massage, application and research of Chinese herb, protection of famous-region drug, research in the field of TCM standardization and informatization, important problems about TCM education. The conference set up many specialists workshop to provide opportunity for representatives to demonstrate their clinical skill and popularize their achievement.
Modern medical model has already changed from biomedical model to biology-psychology-social medical model and people pay more attention to the development of new model and the main part of medicine is changing from treating to preventing. They expect TCM develop more communication and cooperation with many kinds of medicine to benefit more people from the whole world and contribute more to global health business.