Classification Standard for Professional Titles of International Chinese Medicine

【Release time】:Jun,20th,2014    【Source】:WFCMS Secretariat

As it is speeding up the pace of internationalization, Chinese Medicine is developing rapidly throughout over 160 countries and regions. A team of TCM professionals, most of who are Chinese medicine doctors have been formed with considerable amount covering multiple subjects.
Classification Standard for Professional Titles of International Chinese Medicine Doctors is established in order to adapt to the developing trend and demands of TCM internationalization, promote the standardization of management of CMDs, enhance the academic status and quality of international CMDs, protect their rights and interests, strengthen their recognition from society, and to guarantee the TCM medical quality and medical safety.
Doctor administration regulations of organizations and countries such as WHO, USA, Japan, UK, etc, as well as Licensed Physician Law of China, Qualification Review Requirements for Chinese Medicine, Integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, and Ethnomedicine, and Provisions of Qualification (level) Examination for International CMDs established by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies were referred to in order to establish the standard. And views of experts from over 20 countries have been adopted.
The Classification Standard shall not only place great importance on coordination of physician administration laws among countries, but also shall fully reflect the pattern of CMDs’ growth. The situation of Chinese medicine professionals all around the world shall be taken into consideration, and meanwhile it shall benefit the sound development of CMDs. It shall both adapt to the international Chinese medicine market and benefit development of Chinese medicine academics and industry.
On the basis of analyzing successful experience on administration of doctors and medical professional titles among countries, the Standard scientifically and appropriately define the sequence of the professional titles and relevant indexes system in the aspect of prospectively leading and regulating the management of CMDs.
The Classification Standard classifies professional titles of Chinese Medicine Doctors into assistant doctor, practicing doctor, specialist, senior specialist, and professor. In consideration of present situation of Chinese medicine professionals in different countries, specialties of acupuncture and bone-righting tuina can be divided for levels of assistant doctor and practicing doctor; several specialties can be divided according to conditions of each subject for levels of specialist and above.
The requirements of professional knowledge and clinical skills for doctors are correspondent to Essential Requirements for Professional Knowledge and Skills of Chinese Medicine Undergraduate (Pre-CMD) Education (Annex A of the World Standard of Chinese Medicine Undergraduate (Pre-CMD) Education).
The establishment and implementation of the Classification Standard would be reference to CMD administration for different countries, and foundation of establishing Chinese medicine institutes and optimal medical orders so as to promote the scientization and standardization of CMD administration. different countries may establish provisions on administration of CMDs that accommodate with their own conditions in accordance with the Standard as well as relevant laws and regulations, to consistently improve the service capability and treatment level of Chinese medicine doctors, guarantee the safety and quality of Chinese medicine service and serve better for human health.
 1 Scope
The standard prescribes the essential requirements for professional titles of CMDs from the aspects of practicing years, professional knowledge and clinical skills. It is applicable to the review of professional titles and qualifications (level) of international CMDs (including acupuncture, orthopedics and traumatology, Tuina, etc.), and Chinese Medicine integrated Western Medicine doctors.
2 Terms and definitions
2.1 Chinese Medicine Doctor (CMD)
Clinical personnel who have mastered relevant Chinese medicine knowledge and skills of diagnosis and treatment, and have acquired certificates for professional titles of Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture, orthopedics and traumatology, Tuina, etc.) Doctors that are reviewed by legal administration institutes, authorized academic institutes or international profession certification institutions.
2.2 Chinese medicine integrated western medicine doctor
Personnel who have acquired practicing qualification for western medicine and meanwhile have gained systematical training of Chinese medicine knowledge and skills and reached certain level, acquired professional titles of Chinese medicine integrated western medicine doctor, and clinically applying principles of both Chinese medicine and western medicine in accordance with laws.
2.3 Professional training for Chinese medicine
Studying Chinese Medicine theories and skills as main contents in forms of face-to-face teaching, lectures, network, internship and probation.
2.4 Clinical practice of Chinese medicine
Medical activities complying with Chinese medicine theories to clinically apply Chinese meteria medica, acupuncture, and tuina, etc.
2.5 Relevant Chinese medicine majors
Majors established in qualified and recognized Chinese medicine colleges that are relevant to Chinese medicine treatment and diagnosis, including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, orthopedics and traumatology, and tuina, etc.
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