Chinese Medicine in Israel

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                                        Chinese Medicine in Israel
                                                                   【Author】Roni sapir
1.TCM is getting more and more popular in the last few years in Israel.
2.At present there are 4 leading schools of TCM which operating to good level of TCM. 3 of the schools are TCM syndrome base knowledge and the East- West school of Classic Chinese Medicine which include the theory of TCM syndrome, 5 elements, I- Ching, Tian Gan Di Zhi, and around very expansive observation and practical study in different departments.
3.In Israel there are about 1500 TCM practitioners that only some of them are members of the 2 associations that are operating in Israel.
4.Practitioners are having a medical professional insurance policy and the majority of them practicing in their private clinics.
5.From 1998 Acupuncture and Tuina has started to be practiced in the 4 national health organizations who give the medical service to all the Israeli population (7 millions) under the regulation and control of the Israeli Health Ministry.
6.In the last few years we can notice that most of the leading hospitals are having Acupuncture and Tuina departments inside the hospital, and some are cooperating these methods in some departments. This shows the growth of demand and the level of expectancy to Acupuncture and Tuina.
7.Herbal Medicine is practiced in private clinics and health centers, but not in the National Health Service organizations or hospitals.
8.The main contradiction to use Chinese herbs is lack of research, Pharmaceutical details and knowledge in the interaction with conventional medicine.
9.In the private market Chinese Herbal Medicine is getting more and more used in the forms of Tinctures, Capsules and Powders.
10.The Chinese Pharmacies are preparing Classic Formulas and prescription individual formulas.
11.In Israel there are 3 Chinese Pharmacies. In each Pharmacy the are around 500 different herbs.
1.The profession of TCM is not statutory regulated in Israel.
2.The bill of Acupuncture Law is stuck since 2003.
3.Many committees have been formed by the health ministry but no conclusions have been taking place.
4.It seems that the state of Israel is aware of the public demand and on the value of TCM but doesn´t know how to formulate it to formal regulations.
5.The schools of TCM are not recognized by the Education ministry and do not get the rights of accredited schools, colleges or universities. This situation is holding back much potential from study TCM.
6.The degrees of the schools graduates are not recognized and the only certificate that the schools can give is a Diploma. This again makes it difficult to obtain much potential to study TCM. In Israel Academic degrees are very important.