The Journal of World Chinese Medicine

【Release time】:May,04th,2014    【Source】:WFCMS Secretariat

The Journal of World Chinese Medicine(JWCM),sponsored by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies(WFCMS), is an international comprehensive academic public journal for the Chinese medicine profession. The Editorial Committee and Senior Consultant Group of the Journal of World Chinese Medicine include more than 200 famous physicians and leading scholars.

The journal has high academic value and authority, and aims at fully reflecting the present level of the development of Chinese medicine all over the world, so as to promote international communication and cooperation in R&D, medical service, education, information exchange of medical and pharmaceutical products, and scientific management of Chinese medicine among countries.

By adopting new management model, multilingual versions based on this journal will be published in many countries,so as to improve academic and professional levels of Chinese medical practitioners, promote international development of Chinese medicine, promote the entry of Chinese medicine into medical and health care systems in various countries and serve better for mankind’s health.

Founded in 2006, switched to monthly from bimonthly in 2013.

Named as the core periodical by the Information Center of the National Science and technology Department in 2009.

Source journal for Chinese Science and technology papers and citations, and Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database.

Indexed by internal databases, such as Ulrich’s PD and CA in 2013.

World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine(WJTCM)will be start in July 2014