Centre for Clinical Evidence-based Research

【Release time】:May,04th,2014    【Source】:WFCMS Secretariat

Guidence Centre for Clinical Evidence-based Research World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Center is established relying on the WFCMS, gathering the domestic and foreign medical experts in various fields, to provide consultation for domestic and foreign CM clinical research and product development. Since its establishment, it has participated in the 16 major fields of dedicated study sponsored by the Chinese government and 31 drug clinical researches, as well as providing 6 import registrations and consulting business of drugs/health products for international customers.
Research field of CM we focus onCenter focuses on the best clinical and medical resources. We expect to become the excellent platform of expert resource and medical information which both domestic and foreign CM practitioners can trust in and share with. We shall make a contribution to the policy and regulatory support, witness the growth of top experts and institutions and cultivate the superb TCM products.
The resource which we haveCenter is established relying on the WFCMS, to integrate the resources of domestic policy, education, research or clinical specialists and medical information. We’ve had our own wisdom and resources by collecting and collating the relevant domestic and international CM achievements, such as the policies of medical research and management, information of scientific research and the unique CM products. Years of practice helps us to accumulate a large number of outstanding experiences.
You are the one we provide services forWe cultivate the top academic evidence-based products, and provide them the support for the import registrations for the enterprises and institutions. We are willing to provide policies, regulations and technical supports for transformation of scientific and technological CM achievements at home and abroad.We provide a systematic review of CM clinical studies for CM practitioners, and we are willing to organize or participate in International CM clinical research.
We are looking forward to becoming your reliable partner!
Technical Services of CM clinical research
1, Support of international CM technology
Aiming at the market promising diseases, center focuses on the
systematic review and resource integration of CM clinical research technology, products and development, thus to provide powerful support for the CM practitioners all around the world.
2, International cooperation in scientific research of CM
Making the best use of the advantages of CM development in domestic, combining with forces and resources at home and abroad, focusing on the study of the market promising diseases
and products, center provides the support of technology, talent and resources for all CM practitioners.