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【Release time】:May,04th,2014    【Source】:WFCMS Secretariat

Abstract of World Examination (Assessment) Measures for Professional Titles of Chinese Medicine
World examination (assessment) of Chinese medicine is an important work of WFCMS. In order to regulate the administration of world Chinese medicine doctors, WFCMS released the World Classification Standard for Professional Titles of Chinese Medicine Doctors SCM 0008-2011 (hereinafter referred to as Classification Standard) on May 1st 2011. In the perspective of leading and regulating the management of Chinese medicine doctors, it defines the professional title sequence and related index system for world Chinese medicine doctors, and stipulates requirements for Chinese medicine doctors’ expertise and clinical skills of various levels. The implementation of measures will help to promote the standardization of the management of Chinese medicine physicians. It can protect Chinese medicine doctor’s legitimate rights and interests, increase social acceptance, and improve the security and quality of and Chinese medicine service.
The ultimate objective of world Chinese medicine professional title examination (assessment) is to promote learning, to enhance the overall qualification of world Chinese medicine professionals. The technical title gained by examination and evaluation is the identification of international Chinese medicine personnel professional competence and academic position and the objective evidence when gaining reputation in society and legitimate rights.
Up to June 2013, Chinese medicine professionals form the U.S., U.K., France, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Singapore,New Zealand and Hungary takes examinations and assessments of different levels and types.
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