Department of Academic Exchange

【Release time】:May,04th,2014    【Source】:WFCMS Secretariat

By the directions of WFCMS, our department of academic exchange follows the guidance of WFCMS, focusing on establishing academic platform for activating academic communication, aim to climb to the top and guide TCM development in the academic atmosphere, and promote clinical practice, education and scientific research, for the purpose of improving the internalization of TCM.
Our major works include:
1. By applying, organizing, monitoring and managing specialty committee and working committee, to establish the platform for academic communication, to take advantage of academic sources, and to climb to the top of academy.
2. By organizing academic activities, and managing work of specialty committees to promote the academic development.
3. To provide academic and/or technique supports for government, clinical practice, education, scientific research, academic groups, enterprise and individuals.
Chief: Professor Zou Jian-hua
Tel: 86-10-58650242
Deputy Chief: Dr. Wang Jing
Tel: 86-10-58650042
Program coordinator: Li Xin-xue, Shan Liang
Tel/Fax: 86-10-58650043