The 10th World Congress of Chinese Medicine

【Release time】:Oct,30th,2013    【Source】:WFCMS Secretariat

The 10th world Congress of Chinese medicine and the 10th anniversary of WFCMS were convened in San Francisco. More than 1000 experts and scholars of TCM and delegates of the enterprises related attended the meeting.

In the morning of 21th .Sept, She Jing, president of the 10th WCCM and WFCMS, Nansheng Yuan, consular to San Francisco Consulate, major of Santa Clara, California, Ms. Teresa o’ Neill, senator of the city, Zhongliang Liu, vice president and secretary-general of China Medicine and Phamactuctical Association, and so on attended the meeting and delivered speeches during the opening ceremony in the morning of 21th, Oct, which was hosted by Zhenji Li, vice president of WFCMS and Ying tu, president of All-American Association of TCM

The theme of the Congress is Cooperation between Oriental and Western Medicine and Serve for the Well-being of Mankind. After the opening ceremony, four experts delivered keynote speeches, the topics of which are as follows:

(1) Latest Breakthrough: the establishment of the first department of the integration between Chinese and western medicine in a public hospital in the United States, by traditional medicine

Speaker: Dr. Colin M.Feeney, one of the ten excellent doctors in the US nominated by American News and World Report.

(2) TCM system pulse manifestation and prescription by Pulse Manifestation

Speaker: Zhijing Liu, executive presidency of WFCMS, president of the specialty committee of pulse manifestation, executive council member of the specialty committee of dermatology and rheumatism, secretary-general of Australian Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and TCM center of Australia- Melbourne and Beijing- Melbourne 

(3) The 1st academic exchange on acupuncture between the military forces of US and China.

Speaker: Richard C.Niemtzow,medical doctor, vice-president of the 10th WCCM, minister of the Health Department of United States Air force, consulter of the alternative medicine and director of American Air force acupuncture center

(4 ) The function of Pulse examination and the development of modern pulse genre.

Speaker: Xianghua Qi etc., the affiliated hospital of Shang Dong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Those speeches, especially those made by Colin M.Feeney and Richard C.Niemtzow are good beginning for TCMs entry into American public hospitals, the establishment of the integration of Chinese and western medicine, and further academic exchange between China and the United States military forces.

And those are of great importance, thus were sang high praise by the experts and delegates presented.


More than 240 academic papers were collected, the contents of which extends from

the policies and regulations related in different countries and the theories of Chinese medicine to the researches on different subjects and clinical experience and so on.

There were 6 sessions in the Congress, in which more than 150 papers were discussed and the there were 6 workshop during the meeting, namely、manipulation without painful injury、psychology and Sleeping、pulse manifestation、the treatment of obesity by acupuncture、Wu Qi acupuncture and so on. At the same time, exhibition of the latest achievements and products was held, in which many unknown historical pictures were presented. Each picture tells a vivid news story of acupuncture.

A gala was held by the organizing committee for the 10th anniversary in the evening of Sept.21th, in which wonderful performances were done by some well-known actors and singers to celebrate the birthday of WFCMS. Attendees had a joyous gathering, reviewing the achievements of the past ten years and looking into the future

During the meeting, the 5th session of 3rd Council Board and the 4th Super visionary Board were convened, summarizing the past ten years’ experience since of WFCMS since its founding, analyzing the international situation of TCM , strategy in the next ten yearsFour documents, namely the Review of the Past Ten Years of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine, Promoting TCM Internationalization with the Project of International TCM Service as the priority, International Situation of TCM and Our Mission, The ten years Plan for the World Federation of Chinese Medicine, were discussed, with suggestions for modification. And the Evaluation Standard of the Platform of the Ethnic Review of TCM Clinical Research was passed after review and discussion during the Congress, in which the Russian delegation also gave a brief introduction to the preparation for the 11th WCCM.President She Jing attended the meeting and delivered a speech, in which she made new claim for the future council board and supervisory board of WFCMS.

During the closing ceremony of the WCCM on 22th, Sept, the delegates of the All American Association of TCM and the organizer of the 11th WCCM exchanged the WCCM flag.

Li Zhenji, vice president of the Congress, said, in the closing ceremony, that we were glad to see that WCCM has become a well-known and influential academic brand, which is demonstrated by its annually increased high-level attendees and the wide range of topics they discussed. All this contributes to the efforts of the TCM professions worldwide. Zhenji Li, in his speech, also

expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the Congress and showed his respect to them.

Leaders and VIP presented were Xiaoming Tian, vice-president of WFCMS, president of American

Association of TC, Ziqiang Lin, president of Australian Association of TCM and Acupuncture,

Ramon, president of European TCM Association, Chaoqun Wang, president of World Association

of Naturopathy Wang Junxian, consular to San Francisco of P.R.C, Gansheng Zhu representative

of senator and his wife . Mr.Craig A.Brandt, legal advisor of California Federation of TCM

practitioner, Chunbo Xu, Jianyin Huang, Linxin Chen, vice presidents of WFCMS etc.

were also presented. The Congress was hosted by WFCMS and organized by All American

Association of TCM and supported by American Association of TCM.