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Constitution Ten-year-plan

The Plan was formulated to implement the Constitution of WFCMS, promote the internationalization of TCM and TCM to be adopted into the medical and Medicare and insurance system, and guarantee the well-being of mankind.

1. TCM in the Worlda
With the transformation of health value and medical pattern, core values of TCM, such as the value of wholeness, dialectics, and treatment of disease before it arises have been accepted by the international society.

During the past years, the advantages of TCM in sickness prevention have been recognized by more and more countries and regions. TCM has been used in more than 160 countries and regions, many of which regulate the legal status of TCM. TCM insurance TCM administrations, such as TCM clinics, acupuncture center was established by some countries.

The Decision of Traditional Medicine was passed by the 62th World Congress of Health, urging the membership societies to promote traditional medicine into national health service system. TCM technical committee of ISO has been established .Acupuncture was listed in intangible cultural heritage. Compendium of Materia Medica and Grand Simplicity of Inner Canon of Huangdi  have been listed in World Memorandum.With the rapid development of TCM internationalization, TCM has been gradually recognized by medical professionals.

WFMCS, as the international academic organization, with 232 member societies from 61 countries, has established work relationship with international NGOsIt has become liaison A of ISO /TC249 and becomes the consulting agency of Intangible Culture Heritage of UNESCO. During the past ten years, WFCMS made great achievements in academic development, standardization, training, research, TCM popularization, education so on.Obstacles and difficulties still existed for TCM internationalization. The theories and functions of TCM have not been recognized by international society. Technical barriers, cultural differences and the lack of TCM talents in many countries, are limits to the functions of TCM in providing services in countries related. Thus it will be a long way for TCM internationalization.

Based on the Constitution of WFCMS, , giving full play to the council Board and specialty committees ,promote the international cooperation in TCM Medicare, education, research, health preserving ,culture and trade, exert great influence, strengthen the international standardization of TCM, promote TCM to be adopted in the mainstream Medicare and insurance system of TCM

3 Basic principles
Inheritance and innovation for sustainable development. We should promote the inheritance and innovation of TCM, enhance the strength of TCM development worldwide, and intensify the understanding and acceptance of TCM theory and culture internationally, so as to help Chinese medicine get the legal status in different countries.Serving the world to meet the demands. We should take resource advantage of member societies in management, scientific research, talent, medical treatment, education, etc., enhance service ability, and actively provide support and service for TCM development and its international spreading so as to meet the growing demand for TCM services internationally.
Wide participation with integrity and self-discipline. We should unite societies and TCM practitioners in the world, actively communicate with the government in their countries, strive for those governments’ support and guidance, and abide by the professional ethics and law of different countries, so as to jointly promote TCM development.Exchange, cooperation and achievement sharing. Based on the current situation of TCM and traditional medicine development in different countries, we should carry out extensive exchanges with mutual tolerance and equal cooperation, and seek common ground while maintaining differences, so as to promote the development and prosperity of TCM and traditional medicine in the world.

By 2017, WFCMS will further develop its organizational system by having its membership to 70 countries and regions and about 70 specialty committees. And WFCMS will have more cooperation with international NGOs. The work in the departments of the headquarters of WFCMS, with the member societies and specially committees will be greatly improved. WFCMS will have great achievements in the international standardization and the service for the member societies will be greatly improved.
By 2022, the number of the member societies of WFCMS will reach 80 countries and regions and the specialty committees will be 80 or so. The service of the member societies will be greatly improved and the system of TCM Medicare, healthcare will be further improved
TCM service will be adopted by more countries and regions. The Standards by WFCMS will be accepted by more and more countries. TCM and its culture have been spreading in more and more countries..WFCMS will become an international academic organization, with great influence, acceptance and reputation.

5、 Main Tasks
Firstly, WFCMS is to have more cooperation with international organizations.WFCMS will continue to establish long-term cooperation with WHO, ISO,UNESCO, Shanghai Cooperation organization WWF etc., actively participating the research and formulation of standards and regulations, and creating favorable international environment for TCM developmentSecondly, WFCMS will improve its service of TCM worldwide in the all-round way.We will encourage the cooperation between hospitals at home and abroad to establish high-level a serious of hospitals and promote TCM technologies Improve the service of TCM in the countries related.Thirdly, WFCMS is to actively promote the international standard of TCM.Standards are technical bases for economic and social development and is the Manifestation of scientific development. Therefore, WFCMS will promote the formulation and application of the international standards in the field of health care, TCM education and research by cultivating talents related. WFCMS will strengthen the cooperation with NGOs to carry out the work of evaluation and accreditation for hospitals, clinics, international TCM training agencies and international TCM professionals. Until 2022, WFCMS has issued 20 standards, ranging from international standard of TCM basis and management. Additionally, the specialty committees of WFCMS will issue 100 international standards, shaping the system of international standards of TCM.Forth, WFCMS will strengthen international TCM trainingTCM talents are necessity for the improvement of TCM service. Thus, WFCMS will encourage the the diploma and training program between its membership and the medical organizations in accordance with the international standard of TCM education. WFCMS will continually improve the service of TCM by helping establish the standards of international degree, launching the Ming Shi dai Gao Tu program , a long term training program of TCM, creating environment for TCM online education and encouraging more and more western doctors to learn TCM .Fifth, WFCMS will promote international academic exchange of TCM. WFCMS, as an international academic organization, will promote the long-term strategy of international academic exchange, by improving the three-tie platform of international academic exchange, namely, the annually held World Congress of Chinese Medicine, the continental forum and the meetings of the specialty committees of WFCMS , to promote one or two brand of the conferences mentioned above, publicize the advantages and characteristics of TCM, study the clinical experience and the most advanced technical achievements of TCM worldwide, doing researches on international TCM market, issue more high-quality papers in SCI and further promote the academic level of TCM professionals.
Sixth, WFCMS is to further promote the international technological cooperation
. WFCMS will active promote the international cooperation of technology among research institutions, universities and drug manufactures, to develop advanced TCM products and instruments by TCM theories and international advanced technologies and methodologies. WFCMS will also strengthen the cooperation between WWF and international organization of wild life for the protection of endangered TCM resources.WFCMS will be in support of its membership to do more research on the technology of TCM among industries, higher and research institution to improve the innovation of TCM worldwide.Seventh, WFCMS will actively promote TCM trade in service. We should strengthen the strategic research and market research on TCM trade in services, and encourage members to play a role in TCM service system which is established on the basis of harmonious development of “Cross-border supply, consumption abroad, commercial presence and movement of natural persons”. International TCM demonstration bases of trade in services will be established with function of TCM health care, education and training, and culture spreading in some available countries. In addition, network information platform on TCM trade in services will also be set up. We should enhance communication with foreign governments, expand the coverage of gaining access to TCM trade in services and reduce the barriers to entry in other countries, and make more countries open their markets of TCM trade in services, leading to rapid and orderly development of TCM trade in service internationally. Eighth, Actively promote TCM cultural dissemination. Eighth WFCMS will further promote the internationalization of TCM culture.WFCMS will actively promote the internationalization of TCM culture by modern technology, especially website, strengthening publication of TCM and launching oversea project of TCM cultural promotion and popularization and others activities such as tour exbitions of TCM, to promote the cooperation in the field of press, p recording, publication, cartoon performances, etc. WFCMS are in support of the translation of TCM classics, encouraging its membership to publicize TCM in the oversea center of Chinese culture and Confucius school.Ninth, WFCMS will strengthen the cooperation with governments WFCMS will build up dialogue mechanism with the governments of its membership, ,especially the exchange in the TCM regulations policies, accreditation of talents, registration of products, safety and supervision, medical insurance etc. to improve the authority of the cooperation program of TCM Medicare, research, education, etc.

Membership worldwide will be united to seek consensus among differences, gaining consistent support and understanding from its own government, promoting the legitimacy of TCM in their countries as soon as possible.

(1)Strengthen Secretariat construction. Guided by "three innovations, three optimizations, three reforms and three improvements", it is necessary to strengthen the Secretariat construction in order to make organization complete and the institution fully implemented. It is also necessary to enhance staff training and assessment, cultivate and foster a group of united, pragmatic and   efficient international professionals.

(2)WFCMS is to establish the evaluation system among council members.

The council board will play a leading role by the work report of its membership and its evaluation mechanism

(3) WFCMS will strengthen the management and service for the membership.
WFCMS will contact the specialty committees regularly for information exchange, knowing their demands and providing necessary help to them. Meanwhile, WFCMS will strengthen the management in accordance with the constitution.

(4) WFCMS will implement the project of the improvement of International TCM Service, actively designing the cooperation program for win-win results and sustainable development by using market mechanism.